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Last night there was Danger, and High Voltage in the Manning Bar in Sydney as we watched Electric 6 play two set lists! The dance commanders gave us the order to have fun, and the fans did not disappoint. The energy in the room was crazy, as the crowd was jumping up and down. Every lyric was being sung back to Electric 6.

First up was Lunar Module and the put on a rocking set that was fun to dance to. Lunar Module performed songs including "On TV, Touched, Turn the Key" and a cover of Ice House song Southern Land among many other great songs. 

The 90's retro funk rock band came on stage, they were suited up and ready to go. Their first set list consisted of songs including Bride of the Devil, The New Shampoo, Future is in the Future, Dance Epidemic, I Buy the Drugs and Germans in Mexico. As the band played sharp guitar riffs, the fans moshed and everyone's hands were swaying in the air. The relentless dance rockers gave us quite the show for the first set, and the enthusiasm in the crowd was high.


As the fusion and funk spread through the room, everyone was extremely happy and excited for the next set, the entire album of Fire. This album has all the hits, and the set went ridiculously fast as everyone knew the lyrics to every song. As we kicked off the set with Dance Commander it felt like we were in a big arena, the choruses were energetic, and the guitar riffs were tight. It created extra energy in the venue.


As Electric 6 continued with Electric Demons in Love, Naked Pictures (of your Mother) the danceable beat hit the room. As a fan favorite Danger! High voltage was played the catchy lyrics bounced off the walls.

The next set of songs got the crowd up and moving She's White and I Invented the Night, created impromtue dancing in the room. As Gay Bar was played there were loads sexual innuendos that were blended with wicked catchy riff and impressive solo. There's nothing not to love about Electric 6, their music is funny and well crafted, and their songs are executed perfectly. Their music always brings so much fun to the venue.


As the band played Nuclear War (on the Dance Floor) the fans were Getting into the Jam. As Vengeance and Fashion and I'm The Bomb were played, the funky disco beats created a freaky dance-rock jam that belonged on the jukebox on a dance floor.


As Electric 6 played the last song Synthesizer, the smacking drums, thunderous guitar fiffs and mix of that electronic hooks brought a ridiculously fun, and danceable experience. The sweet melodys gives their tracks unique personalities, and we had the party of our lives.

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