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Last night Emperor played at the Metro theatre to a sold-out audience. Emperor played Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk which is Emperor's second studio album. The album was released in 1997 through Candlelight Records and Century Black records.


The lights went dim and the music started, One minute into the set Emperor walked onto the stage with their instruments and they were ready to play their Album. The opening song of the night was "Alsvartr (The Oath)" and the crowd went crazy for more of Emperors music. Emperor played more hits off their Album to which included songs "Ye Entrancemperium, Thus Spake the Nightspirit, Ensorcelled by Khaos and The Loss and Curse of Reverence".


The fans starts yelling at Emperor at the top of their lungs and Ihsahn said "Thank you, the next one is about the type of bonds we make. It has dark scenery and dark music, it is called The Acclamation of Bonds". When the fans heard the next song they clapped and cheered. The song was followed by followed "With Strength, I Burn".


Emperor walked off stage and the crowd started yelling Emperor louder and louder. Emperor continued with hits from other albums, they kicked off this section of the night with Encore. They continued the night with "Curse You All Men! and The Majesty of the Nightsky". the headbanging was relentless and the venue was packed with fans who were excited to see Emperor.

Ihsahn stopped after this song and said  Thank You to the fans and introduced the wonderful people in the band. The fans were excited about the introduction and were overwhelmed to have one of their favorite bands on our shores. Emperor continued the night with "I Am the Black Wizards".


Ihsahn stopped and interacted with his fans again. Ihsahn said into the microphone "Inno a" and the crowd yelled back "Satana" then Ihsahn went back to the microphone twice more and the crowd got louder with their response each time. Emperor played their next song of the night."Inno a Satana" and the fans went crazy. Emperor finished off the night with a  photo with his fans.


Emperor put on an amazing show full of energy and entertainment. The interaction with the Emperor fans was incredible and I can definitely say it is not a show to be missed.



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