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Darkest Hour played at the Metro Theatre last night. As you walked up to the venue there were metalheads waiting outside and they were eager to have their darkest hours. As we entered the venue it was buzzing with excitement and we were ready to watch Primitive, Lycanthrope and Darkest Hour put on one hell of a show.

First up was Primitive and they sure as hell set the atmosphere for the rest of the night. The riffs were tight and the heavy guitar riffs made us excited for what was to come. As we watched Primitive play, they asked us to cheer for them and to pretend that we knew who they were, so we all cheered and put our metal horns in the air. What I can tell you from watching their live performance is they are epic live and their riffs sounded like a cross between Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Next up was Lycanthrope and as they walked on stage everyone's metal horns went up in the air. The mosh pit gave us a preview of what the rest of the show was going to be like. Lycanthrope put on an energetic show and got into the mosh pit to sing with their fans. They also stuck their microphone into the audience and let their fans sing their lyrics. The 3 guitars, bass and drums brought mad music to the venue but it couldn't compare to what was going to come next.

Darkest Hour came on stage and opened up with 'Doomsayer' as they sang this track they brought high energy to the stage and they proved what they could deliver from the word go. They continued the show with 'Convalescence' and it showed the Killer dynamics between the band and how the guitar lines, bass lines, lyrics and drum beats worked so well together. 

As they continued with 'Knife in the Safe Room' they sang the lyrics and the crowd joined them and loved every minute of the song. We also got to listen to 'Sound the Surrender' and 'The Sadist Nation' They were fun tracks to hear live and the crowd was energetic and jumping around the mosh pit, people's arms were flying in the air and their hair was flicking around in circles.

As the Pitt was waiting for more we got to listen to 'With 1000 Words' the intricate guitar chords and a pounding drum beat and bass lines filled the venue and the roars and cheering felt through the floor.

As the night was coming to an end the Darkest Hour crowd cheered and Darkest hour played 'Tranquil' everyone started roaring and it was a night that we wished would never end.

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