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Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators kicked off their set with "The Call Of The Wind" the riffs were in full force and the vocals were empowering, no one could wait to hear the twenty-one songs of the set list.



Butch then diced he wanted to live on the wild side, as he picked out two members from the audience and got them to come up on stage and sing"Freak of the Week" which was originally done by his other band Marvelous 3. Everyone was filming this song and it created a fun atmosphere in the venue



Voivod entertained the audience by talking to them and brought out an Australian flag on stage with a Voivod logo on It and wear it like a cape and says "I could wear it this way" and put it on the front of himself "or do a Batman kind of thing" and wears it like a cape. I can turn it the other way and look like I am doing a burger or something cooking thank you very much" and the crowd laughs



The energy of the band jumping up and down spread through the venue like wild fires and Harms Way made sure you were having an Amazing night. Next up was  "Breeding Grounds, Temptation, Call My Name and Become a Machine". As you looked out into the audience the headbanging was manic and there were smiles across everyones face.



To end the show Led Zeppelin Masters playerd 'Immigration song and Whole Lotta Love'. The night was unforgettable and it is an experience you will never forget. It was a  great tribute to celebrate the legacy of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones and if you get to a chance to see the Led Zeppelin Masters, I would take the opportunity in a heartbeat.



As Living Colour walked onto the stage everyone cheered with excitement, living colour kicked off their set with "Middle Man" to be followed by "Desperate People, Funny Vibe, Open Letter (To a Landlord), Ignorance Is Bliss and Come On. The fans knew every word and Corey hit every note perfectly, it was a fantastic reminder as to why everyone came to see such a phenomenal band perform live. 



This year was the first year of Good Things Festival in Australia and man I can guarantee it was full of Good Things. From a Killer line up to the Artist signing tents, bars and the ride area you knew you were in for a sweet festival of Rock, metal and punk music which left little for the heart to desire. 


Twinmusix walked into the festival grounds of Parramatta park on Saturday morning and we were ready to rock and have an amazing time at Good Things festival.



Kamelot continued their set with the hits you know and love including Rule the world, The Great Pandemonium, End of Innocence, Here's to the fall and Karma and forever. These songs were perfectly executed and a sight to see with perfection across the stage.Kamelot continued their set with the hits you know and love including Rule the world, The Great Pandemonium, End of Innocence, Here's to the fall and Karma and forever. These songs were perfectly executed and a sight to see with perfection across the stage.



Ronnie stopped and told everyone that the next song was dedicated to Toyah and it is her song. He told everyone how Toyah tragically passed away, It was a truly sad and touching moment as Toyah loved this song and it was her ringtone on her phone.



Wacken Metal Battle USA is part of an international competition that sees bands from across the country battle each other for the chance of winning their spot among 29 other countries’ champions, and representing the USA in an international battle of the bands at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival: Wacken Open Air, which has been taking place in Wacken , Germany for the last 29 years. The winner of Wacken Metal Battle USA will perform at the 2019 festival taking place from August 1st-3rd.



Jordan took us on a journey about his life between his piano playing and how he got to where he is today He explained how he did a cover of Bach and he uploaded it to Facebook. Facebook took down the video and said you can't publish it as it is a video of a famous composer called Glenn Gould, he thought it was wired that Bach could still be copyrighted so he wrote to Facebook and they unblocked the video. 



Toyah’s favourite song was ‘’Your Guardian Angel’’ by THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS. The band start their Australian Tour on the 29th November in Brisbane. I (John Howarth the tour publicist) was contacted by a colleague and informed that the song was often referred to as Toyah’s Song. It was her go to song, her ring tone for a long time and a song that her friends and family relate heavily to, more now than ever.



The night continued on with "Face The Emptiness, Hounds Of Justice, The Ritual and Under Your Spell". Ralf introduced the band members Mat Sinner, Francesco Jovino, Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt. The he made a comment that Alex was born with a beer in one hand and a guitar in the other. It was a night full of jokes and fun. 



Yes, no yes were the words going through The Triffid last night when we got to watch the Fozzy play in Brisbane. Fozzy is fronted by professional wrestler Chris Jericho and man does he know how to get his fans excited. Chris Jericho (vocalist) and and Rich Ward (guitarist and vocalist) started Fozzy in 1999 and they have been rocking ever since. The other band members are Frank Fontsere on drums, Billey Grey on Guitar and Randy Drake on Bass.



They played hits from their backlog of twenty one studio albums including 'why can't we be friends, walking on the sun, you really got me, I'm a believer and all star'. The fans were so excited to hear these songs and everyone was singing and jumping up on stage and having the time of their lives. If you haven't already make sure you head to one of their shows, i guarantee you will have a blast.



John stopped to talk to the fans before he stated to play "Not Gonna Die" he told everyone the story of how one of his fans used his song to help fight cancer and dedicated the song to her. It was a truly touching moment and it touched the hearts of all the fans and the lady who it was dedicated to.



Steven Wilson played at the Enmore last night, and this was no ordinary gig by any stretch of the imagination. The lights, slide show, videos and the interaction with the fans made this gig truly special and Unique. You entered his show expecting a journey and you could only anticipate what was going to happen next on stage.



Def Leppard played songs from the Adrenalize album which was a sight to see and Def Leppard took us on a walk through their History with sound and light show that was truly unforgettable. Def Leppard had photos and videos from their past and a tribute to Steve Clark, who passed away in 1991.



Sinsaenum played at the Factory on Thursday night and man did they put on one hell of a show. As the metal heads walked into the venue you knew you were in for a fantastic night full of metal and fun. Sinsaenum Formed in 2016, the band is a supergroup which consists of Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot), Frederic Leclercq (Dragonforce), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Sean Z(Chimaira), Seth(Heimoth) and Stephane Buriez (Loudblast).



Conan are a British doom metal band from Liverpool, England whose style is characterised by a heavily distorted and downtuned sound. The members in the band are Jon Davis on Vocal and Guitars, Johnny King on Drums and Chris Fielding on Bass and Vocals. Conan played songs from their backlog of music as well as their new studio album "Existential Void Guardian" and the fans loved every minute of it.



The Animals and Colin Lillie played at The Factory theater in Sydney last night and it was a fantastic show. The crowd enjoyed themselves immensely and everyone was singing to all the Hits that The Animals performed.



The fans were yelling "Polaris" and as they dimmed everyone in the venue started cheering. Polaris kicked off their set with "The Remedy" there was crowd surfing from the word go and everyone was so excited to be there. Next up was "L'apple du vid" a confetti cannon went off and blue and white confetti filled the room.



The Dead Kennedys are still guaranteed to cause chaos at every show and will cause a memorable night that would suck to miss. As the lights dimmed The Dead Kennedys walked on stage and everyone cheered. They kicked the set off with "Forward to Death" and as you looked out into the crowd the Mosh pit started. Next up was "Rawhide" off their 1978 album the 1978 demos, everyone knew this song and started singing with The Dead Kennedys.



Next up was Killswitch, the crowd waited in anticipation and you could only be excited for this show. As the lights dimmed the fans started yelling out "killswitch" and as they walked on stage you knew their performance would be off the charts.



Parkway Drive kicked off their set with "Wishing Well" and everyone knew the lyrics to this song, they continued their set with hits both new and old and sang songs include "Vice Grip, The Void, Writings on the Wall and Wild Eyes". Parkway also apologized for being away from Australia for so long and told their fans that they were excited to be home, as the fans heard this they cheered and were excited to see one of their favorite bands live. 



The Bronx kicked off the night with "The Unholy Hand" this song was off the charts as the fans started moshing right from the word go, The Bronx continued with "Sore Throat" and Matt jumped into the crowd and started crowd surfing as everyone put their hands up to support Matt, you could only anticipate what was going to happen next.



Dimmu went off stage and the crowd eagerly anticipated the encore, Dimmu played ‘Indoctrination’, ‘Progenies of the Great Apocalypse’ and the blisteringly evil ‘Mourning Palace’ and 'Ceowd of Passage" .Dimmu were pleased with this tour and Shagrath screamed saying “We will return”. Dimmu put on an absolutely amazing show full of black metal, it took the fans into a magical place and we can only anticipate there return.



ZP stopped to talk to the crowd "Sydney, say hey" and the crowd yelled back Hey and skidrow played their next song of the night "sweet little sister". He then said "Motherf*** in the back let me hear you, come on", as the crowd cheers he says "I'm felling this vibe, its like someone wants to have a party in here tonight. Well come over here and get a piece of me motherf******" ZP starts jumping and singing "Piece of me" followed by "Living on a chain gang" and "Big Guns".



Bruce came out on stage and started telling us about how his mum didn't know she was pregnant with him. He then proceeded to tell us how he got expiled from school. He delved into his university life and how he tried weed. He told epic tales about how his university room mate got arrested. Once he left uni he got offered 30 dollars a week to sing for Samson and he was excited that he was being paid for something he truly loved and he later joined Iron Maiden with meny other funny stories inbetween.



Cheap Trick played a great setlist that Flame, Dream Police, Shes Tight and Surrender. As Cheap Trick played i want you to want me the crowd went crazy, everyone sang every word and it made you want to never want to leave the venue. The stage show was so energetic and full of life. All the members of the bands reached into the fans and really made you feel like a part of the show. Handfuls of guitar picks were thrown into the crowd and everyone picked them up and was excited to get there pick.



Jenna asked the crowd if they were having a good time and the crowd cheered, she asked everyone if they are living up to your expectations and the crowd cheered even louder. Then She says "You know where you are" as the fans respond she says "Welcome to the Jungle" and plays the song everyone know and loves



Scott proceeded to tell us a story about being in New York City with kirk Hammett and Cliff Burton from Metallica. One night the "three musketeers" got drunk together and went back to their apartment, as they knocked over an amplifier Scott got a pot of tea and stands on top of the amplifier and started pouring tea into the amplifier. While Kirk made up a song about it, cliff stands their smoking a cigarette and giving them a look like yeah you pour that tea into the amp. I loved this story as i think every metal head can relate to something crazy happening when they are intoxicated.



The Black Dahlia Murder took to the stage, as Frontman Trevor took the stage the crowd went crazy with cheers of excitement and anticipation of what was about to come. Widowmaker kicked off the night with a bang. the next three songs were Of God and Serpent, of Spectre and Snake, Matriarch, Malenchantments of the Necrosphere, Nightbringers, Jars and Kings of the Nightworld. Trevor interacted with the crowd the whole set, as he reached into the crowd to shake everyones hands.




Through out the night while bands were switching over on stage Lagerstein ran three contests. The first contest was the chilli Con Carn Competition, as five people entered this contest they started off with a normal bowl of chilli con carne as the rounds went on and people got knocked out the chilli got hotter and hotter until you had a winner.





It was a fantastic audience to be in and everyone sang every word with Andrew and Zac, it really made you want to attend another gig and made the crowd feel together as one.



Therion is a Swedish symphonic metal band formed by Christofer Johnsson in 1988. The band started off as a death metal band, and over the years changing their style of music by adding orchestral elements, including choirs, classical musicians, and even a full orchestra. Therion are considered to be pioneers of the symphonic metal genre and have released 16 full length albums to date.



TECH N9NE finished off his 28 song set with Everybody, Don't Nobody and Hood, everyone cheered and no one wanted to leave the venue. The crowd had a fantastic night and if you get a chance i definitely recommend going to one of their shows, it was definitely one of the most enjoyable gigs i have been to in a long time.



Satyr says to the crowd "It is good to be back here and what brought us back here this time was Deep Calleth Upon Deep" the band then started playing Deep Calleth Upon Deep from their newest album that was released in 2017 via Napalm Records.



As plini walked off stage the crowd cheered for one more song, the closing track was Electric Sunrise everyone cheered when this song was over and no one wanted to leave the venue.Plinis set was full of jazzy chords, rich bass and leads, complex chords and scales that pull you into his music and the set made you never want to leave the venue.



The lights went dim and Dragonland hit the stage, they walked on the stage one by one and they started the instrumentals to Shadow of the Mithril mountains, then vocals came out of nowhere and the singer ran on stage.



Enslaved is a Norwegian extreme metal band formed by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson in Haugesund in June 1991. They have recently released there fourteenth studio album E and they have received amazing reviews. On Thursday Enslaved played at the Factory theatre and they played an extreme show full of guitar riffs, power and energy.



Andrew W.K. guitar solo was up next as he picked up his massive slice of pizza he was ready to party and man did he play one supreme solo. As he played his solo the crowd filmed it and loved every minute of there show



As the crowd were so enthusiastic Tim asked the crowd to put there arms up and everyone started swaying there arms back and forward to the music. Tim said to the crowd we love coming, as the crowd cheered Tim continued to play In the tall grass, let the good times, different days, plastic machinery and weirdo.



Stryper kicked off the show with "Yahweh" then Michael started throwing bibles out to the fans, he told everyone that they are the new bibles with Stryper stickers and everyone was really excited to receive them.



Hellfest is not just a festival, it is an experience! The festival leaves a lot to the imagination as they add a new feature every year. This year Hellfest added a water feature that spelled out "Hellfest" among many other things.



This afternoon 457 people rocked up to Chatswood to play “Highway to Hell” and break the Guinness world record for the most people playing the same song at the same time on electric guitars. This broke the previous record attempt for the largest electric guitar ensemble. The previous record was 368 people and was set in India in 2013.



Mortiis wowed the audience with all his instrumental pieces and everyone swayed along to his music. The crowd clapped after every song and couldn't wait for more of the hour long set. Mortiis thanked the crowd for being there at his almost sold out Sydney show and everyone cheered after he said thank you.



"Welcome to an evening with Machine Head, God damn Friday night in Sydney Australia. Let me see your Hands in the sky one more time. Holy Shit, Look at all those god damn beers in the sky right now."  ROBB FLYNN



"we're going to try and play some local Australian music this is some s*** that we studied from Down Under. This is from deel down South and I hope you guys all recognise it very very soon and if you're trying to find a petrol installing well there it is well here we go"



" We got to Move back here we got to move back here, I'm going to go back to Utopia Vinal store day and that's it were moving here"



The fans never stopped screaming and only grew louder when Kirsten walked on stage in the British WWI military jacket waving the Union Jack and wowed the crowd with the favourite song The Trooper!




The musicianship between all the band members was amazing and you could tell they were in sync with each other and just want to play. Cradle Of Filth proceeded to play more hits for the crowd which were "Dusk and Her Embrace"," The Death of Love "and "You Will Know the Lion by His Claw".



Andreas Kisser grabbed the microphone and mentioned that Sepultura hit a milestone this year, as they celebrated 20 years with Derrick Green and who is the longest standing member of Sepultura to date. The band jumped straight into the first song and started playing “I am the enemy” and fans went nuts and started banging their heads around.



Tracci went to the side of the as the crowd was eagerly watching, he pulled a Bow out started his guitar solo with it. As he played "Over the Edge" the crowd cheered and towards the end of it the rest of the band joined in.



Steel Panthers new tour show cased an amazing two hour set set last night staring off with their original songs in the first half of the set and then in the second set all the amazing cover songs from the 80's and beyond at a sold out show the forum theatre in Melbourne Australia.



"Last time we toured Australia it was 1985, it's been a long time! And this is off the album they proceed to play "Sentence of Death" this is "Black Mass"



Peter stops and says "you bastards all you people are so friendly f*** you this n that I love this country I swear to God so different from any other country, we have time to talk s*** I tell you one thing everyone's so happy in Australia and i can see why you have no worries, Go back to Europe and it like WW3" 

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