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Keyan and The Omnific played at The Metro Social on Saturday night in Sydney and they absolutley slayed the house down.

Keyan was the opening band for the night and they really set high expectations. They put on a killer show with heavy guitar riffs and drum beats that captivated the audience and drew us all in. The crowd was moved and swaying along in unison to the bands moving lyrics, it proved that the local music scene is still very much alive in Australia and I can't wait to see more from this band.

The Omnific were next on stage and ready to make their presence known. The crowd were in their Omnific hats and ready to go.

After the first song the crowd was yelling, growling and cheering for more. The Omnific have a solid sound with rythmic bass lines and crashing guitar riffs that really set alight the mosh pit.

A standout track of the night for me was 'scurryfunge'. With the crowd bopping to the music

I especially resonated with the song because of  'the labyrinth chronicles' . You could absolutely see the passion on Matthews and Fackrell faces as the sounds melodically poured out of him.

The next tracks on the set were
'Erin' and 'Matai' . I will never get over the electric feeling of the crowd as they introduce their next song. The tension is high and the audience is alight with a hunger for more. The band certainly knew how to deliver an epic set and keep the energy at a high throughout the show.

Their song 'wax & wane' from their latest album was amazing to be heard live. A song that when performed live just resonates differently. In the mosh pit I couldn't help but notice a fellow concert goer next to me absolutely entranced as was the entire room around me.

As The Omnific set came to a close we were sad to see them leave the stage. I know for sure we will be there at their next show rocking out again with the magnificent crowd and this must see band.

If you haven't heard any of their music yet your definitely missing out. I would highly recommend checking out their latest project 'Escapades'.

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