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Pop Evil played at the Metro Theatre last night with support acts Bad Moon Born and Dept. of Gloom. As the support acts smashed and the fans were headbanging a fantastic night was had from the word go.  

Next up was the band we were all waiting for, the one and only Pop Evil. The first song of the night was "Boss's Daughter" From the Album "War Of Angels" which was released in 2011 and was a hit with 13 Million Views on YouTube.


The fans clapped and cheered and could not wait to hear the rest of the set. Leigh stopped and spoke to his fans, he said "How are you doing Australia" as the fans cheered Leigh said "Any metalheads in this mother F****** audience tonight" and the crowd cheers louder. Leigh then said "it is going to get heavy, I need some hands up when the music drops. I need you to bounce Sydney".  The fans threw their hands up into the air with all the enthusiasm in the world while Pop Evil played  "Colors Bleed and Ex Machina".

Pop Evil

"Deal with the Devil" that went into the song "Bodies" that is originally by "Drowning Poll". Pop Evil continued to play more hits from their Albums from over the years which included "Torn To Pieces The next song of the night had an unexpected twist it started off as,Last Man Standing and A Crime to Remember, Ways to get High, Be Legendary and Footsteps". Pop Evil played one more song "Take It All" and walked off stage. 

The lights went dim and the crowd started chanting for one more song. Pop Evil came back on stage and Leigh said "We came all this way, I assume you do not just want one song as an encore" as the fans cheered Pop Evil continued to play three more songs "100 in a 55, Waking Lions and Trenches" to finish off an epic night. 






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