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As the rock glam, hair bands touched down in Sydney for their last Australian show we were excited to have such an epic lineup on our shores. We got to watch three local and six international acts rock the stage at the Factory Theatre. We watched Starcrazy, Crosson, Sisters Doll, Tuff, Pretty Boy Floyd, Enuff Z'Nuff, Eclipse, Wednesday 13 and Faster Pussycat playing 80's glam metal sleaze, shock rock, and hard rock all from the Sunset Strip.

Starcrazy kicked off the night with their rock, glam pop band and they were all dressed in red jeans to complete their look. Their tunes were catchy and you could sing along to their choruses, it made you want to rock around the room and the crowd brought it from the word go.

Next up was Crosson, they brought their unique stage presence with their two dancers. We knew we were in for a world of fun. They came on stage with their guitars blazing and fists pumping to their energetic anthem.

Sisters Doll stormed the stage with their fast drums, catchy riffs, old school guitar solos and killer choruses that captivated you until you were entranced in another world.





Pretty Boy Floyd brought a fast-moving setlist to the stage that made you step back in time. They filled the room with tracks that were perfect to lift up, inspire, and fire up any rocker within earshot. Pretty Boy Floyd made us live like rock and roll was the only substantial thing keeping us alive. The spark of Pretty Boy Floyd and their music, truly let the fire burn blazing under us.



Tuff sounds incredible in any venue, but they brought something extra special to the Factory Theatre. As we rocked out to their set, the night was still beginning and everyone was already dancing and having a great time. As Stevie spoke to the fans he got a fan in the audience to take off his Tuff t-shirt and as he held the unique Australian shirt he encouraged everyone to go and buy it from the merch store. As the band kept on rocking we were moshing, as the set came to a close we got an epic mash-up up of Kid Rocks song ‘American Bad Ass’. It was truly a great end to their set of the show.



The legendary Enuff Z’Nuff from Chicago and their bass guitarist Chip’s enthusiasm toward the fans were paramount for such an amazing set. It is always an honour to see this band live. They performed classic melodies with rocking tempos and stunning vocals, they were the perfect addition to Glam Fest. We got to listen to ‘Baby Loves You’, which is one of my favourite songs. With catchy choruses that you can sing along to, Enuff Z'Nuff played their chart topping hits 'Fly High Michelle' and 'New Thing'. Chad and Brent from Faster Pussycat came out and played with the band and it was a perfect end to their set. 



Next to hit the stage was the Swedish Glam band Eclipse. We listened to their first song which brought a modern feel and guitars that sounded razor sharp in the venue. Their set was exploding with catchy guitar hooks, guitar solos and energetic melodies that made the audience want more. The lyrics were easy to learn and soon enough we were singing along as they touched our hearts, unifying the crowd in that one feeling. Eclipse finished off their set with their hit song 'Viva La Victoria' which hit number one on the charts in Europe. 



As the fans moved closer to the stage and the mosh pit got tight you knew it was time for Wednesday 13 to come on stage. Well, you might wonder how Wednesday 13 belongs on a glam festival lineup and that is a question they quickly answered. They are massive fans of the bands on Glam Fest and listened to them growing up, as the fans cheered to why they were here, Wednesday 13 started running around on the stage interacting with the audience as they told everyone to put their metal horns in the air. Wednesday 13 delivered heavy riffs, tremendous melodies and lyrics that the fans would sing along to. It was definitely an experience being in the mosh pit for their set. 



Faster Pussycat was the last band of the night, their glam guitar riffs were full of energy and the rhythm section was fast and groovy. They performered music that you could dance and sing along to. As we slowed it down we got to listen to Faster Pussycats hit ‘House of Pain’, the night wasn't over yet though.  Next up was 'Bathroom Wall', it was a sleazy and dirty anthem that made you want to grove. Chip from Enuff Z'Nuff came out on stage to sing this song and it added an extra flare to the set. Faster Pussycat played their last song ‘Babylon’, and we were sad to see the night come to a close. Every fan in the venue could have stayed for hours more if you let them. 



Tonight was louder than the Sunset Strip and it kept the flame alive for Glam Metal bands everywhere as the music was forever burned into our minds with the cheers of satisfied metal heads. 

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