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What a night at the Manning Bar in Sydney, three epic bands tore down the bar. We got to watch some awesome women in metal take the stage, the lead singer and bass guitar player from Future Static, the keyboard player from Earth Caller and the lead singer from Jinjer.

First up we had Future Static, I have never heard this band until tonight and the female vocalist Amariah had a phenomenal voice, between her Death growls and her clean vocals you could see how they were on this line up. Their hard drum beats and epic bass riffs showed how talented the band was. Future Static played songs including 'Roach Queen', 'Never Miss', 'Hardbore' and 'Waves' closing their stellar set with their last song 'Venenosa'.

Next up we had Earth Caller, it was their first show back off their European tour and they brought their ground breaking performance to the Manning. As they were jumping around the stage, the fans were jumping and headbanging along with them. The lead singer then had a heart to heart with the audience detailing how Jinjer left their family behind in Ukraine to come and be with us tonight. This showed the audience their dedication to rock,  leaving behind everything you know and love to be able to bring the music to others. The audience then raised their metal horns in solidarity thanking Earth Caller for their performance and welcoming Jinjer to Australia.

The keyboard player for Earth Caller brought a unique sound to the band wich accompanied well with the guitarists fresh riffs. The last thing they did before they walked off stage was by far one of the best highlights of the night. Earth Caller played their crowd into a wall of death. 

Next up was Jinjer, as the band walked on stage their was a mist of smoke covering the room in a cloud. Tatiana, the lead singer walked on stage and the crowd errupted, their screams echoed through the room and we knew it was going to be a set to blow the roof of the joint.  First up was 'Sit, Stay, Rollover', one of the bands instant classics. The balance of growling and clean vocals was impeccable. They also belted out hits including 'Teacher', 'Copycat' and 'Home Back' and left the crowd cheering for more.

Tatiana stopped and took a moment to thank the metalheads "It's lovely to be back, thank you so much for showing up here tonight. For the newcomers incase you don't known us, we are Jinjer from Ukraine. We are here to spread the word and send out love to you guys, its important that you show that you care and stand up with Ukraine in these times. Thank you for your support and your love it means alot, let's stop the war. We want you to know we want our home back". It was hard to not be emotional at her words and love for her country. The crowd showed their support by holding up a Ukraine flag as Jinjer continued to play more hits likes 'Speak Astronomy' and 'As I Boil Ice'

There was heavy grinding tones and riffs from Roman’s guitar and Eugene’s bass blew out the speakers with a bang as jinjer played 'Judgement'

The drumming filled the room with interesting and creative drumming from Vladislav for 'Dead Hands Feel No Pain' and 'Vortex' wich featured its killer melody and passion. It was so enjoyable to the crowd who by this time was so into the rock and the metal of it all they were jumping and moshing wishing the night would never end, it was a hell of a show.

The bass guitar was pulsating through the room as Jinjer played more hits such as 'Who is Going to Be the One' and 'Sleep of the Righteous'. One of the best songs from their set 'Call Me a Symbol' was up next with riffs, grooves, and dynamics that filled the room showcasing the best that Jinjer has to offer

The Crowd started chanting one more song and Tatiana came out and challenged the audience "Are you sure you want some more?" the crowd cheered an enthusiastic scream as Jinjer played ended the night with 'Pisces' and 'Captain Cook'

Overall this was one of the best concerts I've seen recently, the love and support from the crowd and the band really showed how this community is ready to embrace, support and love a fellow fan of our genre. You should definitely check out the bands and catch there next gig.

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