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Graham Bonnet is a legend in hard rock and heavy metal that has fronted some incredible bands like Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz and Impellitteri. The Graham Bonnet Band played at Manning Bar on Saturday night and he put on a spectacular show.


Up first on stage was Sabïre an Australian band that just came off there European tour and they pulled in quite the crowd. We got to watch Scarlett, Zoran, Paul and Ivor smash the set and show us why they are so big in Europe. From the synchronised rocking to the mad guitar riffs, they put on quite the show.

Darker Half were up next and they really warmed up the crowd for Graham's set. The riffs were heavy and the drum beats were tight. It was an incredible set and the fans were enjoying every minute of it. If you haven't seen Night Legion live, I recommend going to see them at there next show.

Graham's power vocals were up next and they set the venue on fire. The set kicked off with "Eyes of the World" and it was a really strong start from Graham and the Band. They delivered an extensive playlist of hits and preformed evey song with energy and very catchy chorus.


The Graham Bonnet Band presented  Various Rock songs different horizons. We got to listen to songs including "Love's No Friend, Lost In Hollywood,  Too young to die, too drunk to live, Long Island Tea, and Into The Night ".


This power band showed a wide spread of influences in their music, through different kinds of Rock, with wild electric guitars, they kept a great tempo through the whole set, we got to see the Graham Bonnet Band rock in all his glory.


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