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Sacred Reich and Vio-lence fans held on to tickets for years, even when there was no guarantee the show would happen, there is no greater testament to their loyalty to these bands and last night the wait for them was finally over. Two old-school bands Vio-lence from the Bay Area and Sacred Reich from Phoenix, Arizona thrashed the Manning Bar in Sydney last night. We got to see Vio-lence for their first Australian tour, and the circle pits were strong. When Sacred Reich came on stage the thrash metal fans ate their set-up like candy. As Sacred Reich and Vio-lence played they made you feel like you were in the Bay Area and you were Mosh ready and that feeling didn’t disappear.

As Vio-lence walked on stage roars of excitement came over the crowd. Vio-lence played 'Flesh From Bone’, ‘Upon Their Cross’, ‘Kill on Command’ and ‘World in a World', among many other hits. Vio-lence played their hair raising riffs and it showed us what it means to be pure as f**k thrash metal band. As Sean Killian sang he gave us rough vocals with a low style that suits their songs perfectly. The engagement Vio-lence gave to the fans was on point and Sean stood with one leg on the stage and one on the barrier and sang with their fans.

As Vio-lence continued their set they brought thrashy riffs to the venue with killer breakdowns, possibly giving us the heaviest songs that Vio-lence has to offer. The bass was killer as Christian Olde-Wolbers played, this tone complimented the guitar riffs played by Phil Demmel and Bobby Gustafson and the drums beats by Perry Strickland which made the crowd take heavy metal control. 

As Sacred Reich walked on stage, they did sound check and then they started playing their epic show. First up was 'The American Way' as they played on stage they had tons of energy and insane vocals. As Sacred Reich played 'Manifest Reality’, ‘Divide & Conquer’, ‘One Nation’ and ‘Awakening' their high-octane riffs accompanied by some primary and underlying riffs were stellar.

Sacred Reich continued to charge the stage, Executing a memorable set with lightning speed thrash rhythms. As we watched Sacred Reich play 'Independent’, ‘Free’, ‘Who's To Blame’ and ‘Ignorance' their instrumentals were tight and their guitar solos were on point. The riffs drove the song and the circle pit was in full swing. 

Next up were 'Salvation’, ‘Love...Hate’, ‘Killing Machine’ and ‘Death Squad'. The solos throughout the night made you throw your metal horns up high as the guitar solos broke our chains. Every song was f**cking killer and the guitar riffs hooked you into their songs while you were singing their lyrics back to them.

As Sacred Reich played their last song 'Surf Nicaragua' a wall of sound came at you with drums, guitars, bass and vocals. The technical proficiency that Sacred Reich and Vio-lence brought to the stage was extraordinary. Don't miss this epic show live, or you will miss out on a once in a lifetime experience. 

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