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Temtris, Hazmat, and Metal Church killed it at the Crowbar in Sydney last night. All three bands put on an amazing show there were all full of powerful vocals and killer guitar riffs.


We got to watch the one and only Temtris kick off the set. Genevieve's vocals ripped though the venue as they delivered an amazing set. Temtris played with down tuned opening guitar riffs, to the machine gun double kick drumming and delicate instrumental, which was definitely worth headbanging to. Temtris rocked out with songs including "The Summoning, Slave To The System and Enter The Asylum" and what can I say except that they are headline material.

Next up was Hazmat and they were relentless in their power. Their riffs were huge, their energy infectious and their performances were super solid all round. Hazmat delivered a great playlist of fantastic songs delivered with enthusiasm and a punch.

The band of the night was up next, as music blasted through the speakers, everyone was eagerly waiting for Metal Church to come on. As the curtains opened and the stage lights lit up, a cheer of excitement came from the fans and we got to headbang to the first song "Damned If You Do". We continued the night with hard rock guitar chords, thick metal crunch bass, drums and vocals. Metal Church delivered great diversity in their playing technique as they ripped through their songs. We got to watch " Date With Poverty, The Black Things, By The Number and Fake Healer".


I have heard nothing but incredible stories about all three bands that played last night's show and all I can say is what an incredible combination.Everyone was on point, the vocals had great depth and the guitars, basses and drums were tight as. I would recommend going to this show in your state in a heartbeat.


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