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This weekend 1978 and The Skids, who are a legacy from punk and a crossover into post-punk played at the Manning Bar and it was a fun concert full of dancing and singing.

The first to hit the stage was 1978 and they kicked off their set with "New Roses" and the righteous riffs and an anthemic chorus filled the venue. We bounced to the next songs including "Another Girl, Another Planet, Dancing With Myself and Chinese Rock". 1978 continued their set with Catchy melodies that you knew and love and they nailed every cover.

This nostalgic set continued with "I Fought the Law" and it took you back to the new wave and early punk era that were brought to you by a great punk band. Another must listen for any fan was "London Calling" and the Classic lead guitar, brilliant vocals and punchy bass were epic. As 1978 finished the set with "Pretty Vacant" this show represented one of the few places where you could hear some of the best punk covers in one gig.

The Skids came on stage and the band received a warm welcome as they kicked off their set with "Charade and Of One Skin" the crowd got into the swing of things while watching the greatest rock guitarists and energetic performance. As The Skids continued Richard told the audience how U2 and Green Day covered their song 'The Saints Are Coming' and then rocked out the song on stage.

The infectious energy and catchy hooks kept coming as The Skids played "Destination Düsseldorf, A Woman in Winter and Complete Control" and the up-tempo rhythms, driving guitars, ferocious drumming and punk vocals made all the songs stand out as the band belted out the fabulous set.

As The Skids slammed their way through their classic hits "Masquerade, The Olympian and Here We Go Again" the audience cheered for more. The crowd favourites were running through our veins and The Skids played their last song "Out Of Town". It was sad to see them go but we hope they are back soon.


The show left an incredible mark on music history as it took over forty years to get here. This is one gig you’re going to want to add to your next concert calendar.

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