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Psycroptic, Fallujah, and Cattle Decapitation played a killer set at the Metro in Sydney on Friday night. 


Psycroptic took the stage with Cold, they delivered mind-crushing tempos and songs you wanted to bang your head to. As Psycroptic continued to play We Were The Keepers, Euphorinasia, and Servant, the heavy riffs and licks bounced off the walls of the room, and the crowd sunk their teeth into a mind-blowing set.



Psycroptic played The Watcher of All and Enslavement to finish off an epic set and we were ready and rearing to go for the next band.

Fallujah was up next and took the stage by storm with technical and crushing riffs. As they kicked off the night with The Bitter Taste of Clarity and Radiant Ascension, the fans stuck their metal horns in the air. The atmospheric bass, heavy guitar riffs, and steady drum tempos sent the crowd wild.


The intensity of the music continued to spread throughout the venue. As Fallujah continued with The Void Alone we knew why we were here; to rock with these legends. 


As Fallujah set came to an end with  Carved From Stone, Mindless Omnipotent Master, and Artifacts they delivered a groundbreaking mix of sounds and brutal force.

Next up was the act we had been waiting for Cattle Decapitation. As they walked on stage the crowd's horns went up in the air and everyone was ready to mosh. The first song of the night was Terrasitic Adaptation, and the mosh pit turned into a circle pit almost immediately. 



Next up was We Eat Our Young, Scourge of the Offspring, Dead Set on Suicide, and The Storm Upstairs. The music was turned up to eleven and it destroyed your eardrums in the best way. 


As Cattle Decapitation continued their set with Bring Back the Plague and Finish Them the melodic riffs excited the crowd. The heavy bass guitar, energetic drumming, and blazing tempos caused an amazing atmosphere that you had to see to understand the full experience. 

As Cattle Decapitation walked off the stage the crowd started chanting one more song in true fashion for fans who want the show to never end. The band walked back on stage and played Kingdom of Tyrants to finish off an epic set. 


We were sad that the night had come to an end, but we were happy to have experienced it!

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