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Bastardizer, Diocletian, and Bolzer played at the Factory last night and everyone put on a tight show full of metal. As it was a small intimate venue fan could almost rock on stage with the bands and everyone had a blast.  As the stage was dimly light and full of smoke from the fog machine it gave you a sense of what a full night of black metal should be like. 

Bastardizer kicked off the set and as I watched them play I thought they belonged on a stage at Hellfest or Wacken. The act was Driven by the aggressive sounds of the distorted electric guitar and amazing riffs. We got to listen to Bastardizer play songs including "Bathory and Lust, Crimson Trenches, Whiskey Till Death and Up The Ante " and it was a solid set.

Diocletian was next as they blast and shred their way to the frontlines of the war. The guitar tone was so addictive to the ears, and the drumming never strayed from anchoring the rhythm section. The set was full of energy and we got to watch them perform an extensive set list of fourteen songs including " Restart Civilisation, Repel The Attack, Doom Cult, Bullet Vomited, Wretched Sons and Antichrist Hammerfist".

Next up was the act everyone had been waiting for Bolzer. Fans quickly came to the stage and everyone claimed their spot and were ready to rock. As you looked into the crowd the headbanging was in full force and the metal horns were up in the air. We got to watch Bolzer deliver a set full of atmospheric and innovative blackened death metal, laced with memorable hooks and otherworldly vibes. 

Bolzer delivered an 11 song setlist full of Swiss extreme metal, we got to listen to songs including "Roman Acupuncture, The Archer, Temple, Entranced By the Wolfshook, I AM III and Chlorophyllia". The show was fantastic and I can honestly say I had a blast. If you get a chance, I would recommend rocking at the next show near you. 

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