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Watain played at The Factory theater last night and in was a dark set that was light up by candlelight. As the fans eagerly awaited the one and only Watain we got to watch Nocturnal Graves open the set.


Nocturnal Graves are a Black Metal band from Victoria Australia. The members in the band are Nuclear Exterminator on Vocals and Bass, Decaylust on Guitars, Shrapnel on Guitar and L. Wilson on Drums. Nocturnal Graves opened the set for Watain last night with their dark, blistering sound and harsh vocals it was a great set to sink your teeth into.

Watain was next, the crowd stopper that we were eagerly awaiting. Watain is a Swedish black metal band from Uppsala and was formed in 1998. Watain have released eleven CD'S over time and everyone was eager to hear their setlist in full force. 


When Watain came out on stage they started the set off by lightning two candles to start the ceremony and they played "Storm, Nuclear Alchemy and The Child Must Die" to start off the set. Watain then threw blood all over their fans the crowd where cheering. 


Watain also played "Furor Damnation, Sacred Damnation, Cenotaph, Malfeitor, Sanctuary and Return" these songs were delivered outstandingly, the variety of intro riffs were catchy and everyone loved the set. Watain ended the night with "Serpent's Chalice". It was a great night of Death Metal by candlelight and if you haven't already seen them, you should definitely catch a show sometime soon.


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