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As we arrived at the Enmore theatre in Sydney on Saturday night to see Kreator and In Flames, there was a sea of black shirts and people were sporting their favourite band's merch.

As the lights went down, the ambience was perfect, the tension built, and the smoke thickened as In Flames opened their set with "Foregone Pt. 1, Pinball Map, and Deliver Us". The heavy crunchy bass riffs and powerful guitar riffs sang through the venue and the crowd's hearts.

As they continued with "Behind Space and Cloud Connected," the thunderous guitar riffs and the solos were smoking and the fast, furious, and melodic drums bounced off the walls as people came flying over the barriers. The energy and passion emanating from the stage was striking and watching the interaction between Anders and the fans caused an unbelievable amount of energy in the room.

As a kid held up a sign saying “I'm 7 tomorrow please play Stay With Me”, In Flames made a speech about kids being the future of metal and played Stay With Me.

The circle pit opened up and was and in full force as the band played "I am Above and Take This Life". The clean vocals and growls and sound of melodic death metal with lots of thrash influence rung through the air as In Flames walked off stage it built up the anticipation for Kreator.

As Kreator walked on stage, the crowd let out a roar of excitement. As the guitars powered over the audience, Kreator opened their set with "Hate Über Alles", a classic heavy metal track with a driving force that made everyone headbang. As Kreator continued with "Betrayer and Satan Is Real", the technical crushing riffs and blazing tempos with distortion caused an amazing atmosphere.


As they continued to play their hit "Strongest of the Strong" from their album "Hate Über Alles", the hard hitting solid vocals and killer lead guitar were loud and heavy, and the dense bass. The fast drums echoed through the room as the metal heads opened up for a massive circle pit. 


Kreator pulled out a flag and started waving it back and forth while playing Flag of Hate. As they kicked into gear with their last two songs "Violent Revolution and Pleasure To Kill", the crowd went crazy for an amazing live set.

As the night came to a close we were excited that we got to see two epic metal bands perform their hearts out and leave everything on stage. It was a night full of massive bass riffs and the vocals hooked you in. This concert will go down as one of the best live performances of the year.

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