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After much outcry and eagerness from the fans, Download Festival Australia finally made its way to Sydney, and my Gods what an amazing day it was!

The day started out in line waiting for entrance to the festival and the air was abuzz with excitement and eagerness of fans wanting to see their favourite bands play live, some for the last time ever. In a last minute twist (due to health reasons) Ozzie Osbourne had to pull out (giggity) of the lineup and was replaced with Aussie metal band Airbourne and the headline act was given to Slayer.

While it is sad that Ozzie had to remove himself from the festival, fans were still treated to 36 local and international acts including Judas Priest, Anthrax, Sum 41, Halestorm, and many more! The day was not without entertainment and fun and the infectious atmosphere present throughout the entire festival.

Slayer was defiantly the stand out of the day as they treated us to an array of songs including South of Heaven, War Ensemble, Payback and of course Raining Blood. It was amazing for their last ever show in Sydney and it was a bitter sweet moment as we won't get to see them rock with us again.


Other bands that put on an amazing show included Aussie band Airbourne who played their loud and thrashy hits including Ready to rock, Rivalry and of course Running Wild (with a tribute to AC/DC in the solo playing Let There Be Rock). Joel tour it up and got everyone pumped and ready to rock. The Airbourne boys definitely know how to put on a show and drink a VB or two.


Sum 41 who gave it 110% as always and played their hits including In Too Deep and Fat Lip while also playing a tribute to the unwell Ozzie Osbourne with covers of the Black Sabbath songs War Pigs and Paranoid and a tribute to Queen with a cover of the fast version of We Will Rock You (this writers personal favourite rendition). Anthrax who walked on stage playing the Pantera song Cowboys from Hell as an opening to their song Caught in a Mosh and other hits such as I Am The Law and their Trust cover Antisocial.

It was an amazing day of music and fellowship among metalheads and despite the rain the crowd was giving all their energy to every single band from start to finish! We look forward to next year when Download returns.


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