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Haken, the progressive metal band from England, graced our shores at the Factory theatre in Sydney last night and they put on a specular show full of energy. We also got to watch a fantastic light show that light up the venue along with the performance. As you looked into the audience half of the fans were wearing Mike Portnoy t-shirts and the other half were wearing Haken T-Shirts, it was a great sight to see.

Hemina opened the show and they put on an amazing set full of Engaging progressive metal that you could really sink your teeth into. Hemina really warmed the fans up for Haken. We got to watch Hemina perform songs including " Flat, Nostalgia, We Will, what's the catch and I" which was a great selection for their set.

Haken were up next and their stage presence was Pomonal. Haken delivered a set with intricate and complex drumming, Amazing Bass Grove lines that really drives the power and heaviness of the songs through the set.

The energy both on and off the stage was mind-blowing and the fans were having so much fun. Haken walked out on stage to the William Tell Introduction, which was pretty awesome to see. William Tell was the legendary Swiss Folk Hero who was a virtuoso marksman with the crossbow and famous for his arching skills. We also got to watch Haken perform "Clear, Puzzle Box, A Cell Divides, 1985, Veil and The Architect".


Haken delivered a brilliant show and brought fresh new styles to progressive metal. The band delivered new sounds and rhythmic approaches, all of course centered around the groups solid songs and we were lucky enough to rock out to this brilliant band. If you haven't seen Haken, I recommend going to rock with this awesome band.


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