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Twinmusix got to talk to Frank Bello from Anthrax about their upcoming Shows at Download Festival and more. 


TM- What can fans expect for your set for Download Festival?



FB- We are excited to come to Australia, if you look at our touring schedule over the last couple of years we have been really busy. We have been trying to get over there for a while now. We get emails and texts from our fans and all that type of stuff.


I guess everything finally matched up and it turned out to be this enormous show. We couldn't be more excited, we haven't been there in a while. We have a whole bunch of songs to play the hardest part about this show is going to be picking the setlist.



TM- (laughs) that was my next question, what do you think the setlist is going to be?


FB- That is a great question to be honest. I am really excited to come over there.  Australia is a beautiful place, we will come up with a base set list and then decide what we want to add and subtract so expect the unexpected. 



TM- I can't wait to see the setlist you come up with.


TM- What are you looking forward to about coming to Australia?


FB- The one thing I'm not looking I'm not looking forward to is the flight, but that's ok. Do you know what I do, I just go walking and look at the scenery, it is amazing.I go out of the hotel put my headphones on and just start walking, just start talking to people I think it is a really great environment, Australia has great people.I love Stopping at a pub and having a beer or a coffee shop and having a coffee and soaking up all the local stuff that's going on. I have become a sponge for this stuff, so it is cool.



TM- I can definitely relate to that, I always walk around different countries. I love walking around you always find cool attractions you normally wouldn't see.


FB- Definitely 



TM- You are considered to be one of the Big 4 metal bands who's your favourite band you played with?


FB-  I think we should of done one of the Big 4 shows in Australia because I think people would have loved it.



 TM- We definitely would Have loved it, you should talk to Metallica. (Laughs)


FB- Maybe you can talk to James Hetfield for me and make that happen(Laughs). I really wish for the Australian people that we could have a big 4 show you because it is so special. Let's face it, all four bands have grown up together. The way I look at that I would love to bring a package, I am not the big man on the totem pole though. We have to make that happen because I love playing with all those guys I really do.



TM- Interviewing Metallica is on my bucket list. I haven't interviewed them yet.


FB- Really, they are really cool guys


FB- We tour a lot with Slayer, we are actually going to start touring with them again in November. We start in the UK and go to Europe till the end of the year. we have done a lot of touring with them and we're very close with Megadeth too. I am in a side band with Dave Ellison, we all have a great vibe.



TM- If you had to choose another band to make the Big 4 the big 5 who would it be and why?


FB- Exodus, because we have been there from the very beginning. It is hard because we have all been there for a really long time. Testament, Overkill and there is a lot of great bands.



TM- You have played a lot of cover songs for fun, what is your favourite cover song you have played?


FB- I could easily say "Got the Time" because of what happens with the crowd. When we play it the crowd just erupts. We played it when we were playing on the Slayer tour, the crowd goes crazy.


There are so many Kiss songs that I absolutely love to play and I am a die-hard KISS fan from many years ago a cheaptrick song.


Anthrax is we always pay armage to the bands that we grew up with these are the bands we grew up with.



TM- If you could have any band play one of your songs which band which song and in your style this style?


FB- I would like to see Black Sabbath with Ozzy and Dio too because they are both so great. I would love to see Black Sabbath with Dio doing caught in a mosh. 



TM- What's your number one tip for becoming a successful bass player?


FB- well I am still trying to become a successful bass player, so there you go. If you love your instrument and play it the way you love it I think it all comes success. Success is in the eye of the beholder just learning how to play the bass or any instruments for that matter.


I am a pro instrument guy, I like people to play any instruments. They get to play in the next instruments because I don't think there is enough musicians coming up in the next generation.


Whatever gets you playing an instrument, that is what I want I don't care what instrument it is whatever instrument you use to create music. Music is a gift to all of us and I'm very lucky to play it, so I want to pass the torch. I do clinics and talk to people about picking up an instrument no matter what instrument is and I encourage learning to play instruments as it is the best feeling that life will give you.



TM- I think you are very successful, I mean you are in the Big 4! That is Awesome!


TM- you said you run clinics, so what is your favourite memory from a clinic you have run?


FB- I love it when I have a person who wants to play, but is afraid to play. I called them up on the stage to play with me, they could be anywhere from 10 years old to 60 years old it doesn't matter who it is. I get the ultimate satisfaction handing them my bass and showing them a couple of notes, how to pluck a bass and hold the fingers on the neck. It is the smile on there face, if i can get them on to play then I've done my job.



TM- If you could choose any song title as a biography title for your band what would it be and why?


FB- Persistence of Time, we have been persistent through all of our time. All of our time as a band, about achieving what they wanted to achieve and not listening to anyone else. When you  get told you can't, you have to go out and do it and prove them wrong. You have to keep chugging through it and do what you want to do, it is life. You have to do it and believe in yourself keep going with it and that's the truth.



TM- There has been a lot of talk about you releasing a book are you releasing one?


FB- You know it's funny, I do have a co-writer and I started to talk about it, to be honest. I have been super busy with Anthrax and been on the road non-stop.  I have two months off with my family which is a rarity, but I am very happy and now I put a record out with Altitudes and Attitude. We put out a record in January, so I have that stuff building up. The book is on the back burner for now but there will be a book with a lot of antidotes.


TM- Awesome, I can't wait to read your book.


TM- Do you have any new albums coming out?


FB-  January we want to the finish tour, we will get in a room together and start working on some new material.


TM- I can't wait to hear it! 


FB- It should be good.



TM- You haven't Anthrax beer where can fans get it?


FB- We do have an Anthrax beer, I whole endorse it. It is a delicious beer and I am a beer guy. I love it, I actually have it in my refrigerator as we speak, It is a delicious beer, it's not too hard,  it's not too light people who try our Beer like our beer.


The hard thing is getting distribution for it, so you have to ask your local distributors how do I get the Anthrax beer and they contact the Anthrax site on how to get the beer. Then I come out from doing yard work, I go in the back of my house and open up an Anthrax beer and I am satisfied, it sounds like a commercial but it's true. (Laughs).



TM- Sweet, next time I go to Europe, I will grab one.


FB- sweet, give me your vibe on it for sure.


TM - I will let you know what I think. I am not really a beer person, except I will try it.


FB- You will like it, most people do



TM- Awesome, and last question, is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans?


FB - Thank You for your patience and waiting for us to come over to Australia. To begin with, we are more than excited. I can't tell you about the excitement in this band about coming over there its worth the trip. we are going to have a good time!


TM- Thank you so much for our interview today! We really appreciate it! We can't wait to see your show in Australia!








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