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Scott Ian burst onto the scene in 1984 with Fistful Of Metal, Scott and Anthrax have sold over 10 million albums, received multiple Gold and Platinum awards.  In the  90’s Scott covered Public Enemy’s Bring The Noise this brought two worlds of rap and metal together and saw Chuck D, Flavor Flav and the rest of PE touring the world with Anthrax.


In 2009 Scott wrote Lobo: Highway To Hell for DC Comics and wrote his second series for DC featuring The Demon which is being scheduled for release.


Anthrax are part of the 'Big 4’ metal bands which comprise of  Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. The highlight of his career was in Anthrax when The Big 4 played Yankee Stadium in NYC on September 14th 2011. 


In 2014 Scott Ian released his autobiography "Iʼm The Man The Story of That Guy from Anthrax"


In 2016 For All Kings debuted in the US Billboard Top 200 at number 9 and the worldwide charts at number 8! 


Scottʼs second book Access All Areas - Stories From A Hard Rock Life was released in December of 2017. The book is comprised of twenty-three ridiculous stories from Scottʼs life. If you hate laughing, this book is not for you.



TM- What can fans expect from your Australian tour?


SI- They can expect a lot of stories, I have been fortunate enough to live a very interesting life for three or four decades. I have seen a lot of things and I have participated in a lot of things met a lot of people. Being part of some crazy s*** that you can't even makeup and i share that with the audience.



TM- In your VIP experience you meet your fans and have a beer with them what inspired you to do it?


SI- I toured the UK a few years ago and got offered the idea of doing a VIP experience. I wanted it to be something different so I thought it would be nice to sit down with a fans and have a beer instead of just meeting them and getting a photo.



TM- You bought out your book access all areas last year, what is your favourite story from that book?


SI- Its probably not going to be one of the ones i talk about in my shows but it was one where I was at my grandparent's house on the Jewish holidays and I went into my grandparent's bathroom and there was a fish swimming in the bathtub. I found out it was going to be turned into a meal and I didn't like that, after that I couldn't even look at people eating it just made me want to vomit.


Maybe my Madonna story, I'm hoping up to come up with a person that I can actually tell. I have never actually told it live before, I have only written about it.



TM- You hosted a rock show on VH1 for a year and you dress like Gene Simmons and interviewed Ozzy Osbourne what inspired you to dress like Gene?


SI- I am a huge Kiss fan.



TM- Who was your favourite person to interview on your radio show?


SI- Marc Maron he's an American comedian writer and actor he's got a podcast called the WTF podcast he's the best interviewer he has the best podcast show and I asked if he would be on my show and he said yes



TM- If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?


SI- My first Instinct was to say Iron Maiden because Bruce could definitely sing it, but it will be cool to have Paul McCartney to sing a song that I co-wrote because then you could say a Beatle sang one of my songs.



TM- That's awesome! I would love to hear Paul McCartney do a version of one of your songs, it would be interesting to see what he would do with it.


SI- Definitely 



TM- so we asked some of your fans some questions and we would love to know the answer, here we go. 


TM- Who do you think plays the best Batman?


SI- My gut says Michael Keith except I love Christian Bale from Batman as well. 



TM- A couple of years ago you saw a tattoo of Ronnie James Dio that you thought was the best you've ever seen, have you ever seen any better since?


SI- I definitely have not seen any better tattoos than that one.



TM- What is your favourite Anthrax album?


SI- The next one



TM- Which artist would you most like to collaborate on a song with?


SI- Lin-Manuel Miranda because I went to see the movie Moana with my son when it came out and I didn't know it was a musical. I am not a big fan of musicals. In that movie, I turned around to my wife and was like how am I going to sit through this for the next 90 minutes. The guy in that movie was so good and so great that I actually asked the head of our record label is there any way to get in touch with him because I want to work with him.



TM- Is there anything else you want to announce to your fans?


SI- I am super excited to come down there to do this show, I thought I was just coming down to be at the Brisbane and Sydney Comic-Con. I was able to figure out a way to add these talking shows into the mix and I couldn't be more excited about it, so come out to my show and you'll have a lot of fun.



TM- That is awesome, we look forward to having you in Australia and can't wait to see you down under, Thank Yoy for having this interview with me today.








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