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Twinmusix chat with Andrew from Comeback kid about their Australian tour and more.

 What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

We will be playing songs from all our albums, We also just recorded Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil and we are excited to start playing it live.

How do you pick which songs you were going to play on tour?

We try and Gage it when he put out a record, we try and see what works and what doesn't. We play to the audience, we played what people want to hear. Where are about the energy and the high intensity, so we play songs that get the crowd going.

 What's your favourite song to play live?

Right now I'm loving a few of our new songs like absolute that's the most Stumpy dance song we have and somewhere somehow.

What was your experience playing Hellfest and Graspop?

At Graspop we played before Blue Oyster Cult to 30,000 people, that's the most amount of people  we have ever played too and it really touched me that so many people came to watch us.

You change from Victory records to Nuclear Blast what made you want to change labels?

We had finished our contract with victory records and decided to try something new so we decided to go with nuclear blast.

Do you write while you are on tour?

 We sometimes write while were on tour but it's not the best place to write, creative ideas come at random times so when I get a idea I save it into my phone.

 How do you decide what songs on your records are going to be singles?

 You listen to them and think this song has potential to be a single

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

 We have a seven inch and a couple of new songs coming out next month. Come and see our show.
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