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Twinmusix chat to Andrew from comeback Kid to chat about their new Album and find out any other exciting news

How have your fans responded to your new album?

So far so good, I’ve just read a few comments online. People are posting it on their own Instagram, Facebook and other websites, so it cool, but a lot of it is smoke and mirrors, until I see it in a live show, which starts this week. So we will see if people are feeling it.


Are you coming to Australia?

I heard we are coming there early 2018, before your winter.


Awesome album cover how did you come up with it?

We licenced it from artist on Instagram. His Instagram handles Slime Sunday, it’s a lot of real photos mixed with abstract things coming out of real people. It’s a photo that he put together and we changed the colour of the smoke, between the band and the label. We were able to put together the layout, put the colours on we wanted, put the text in the proper way, put the layout together, it was a little bit of a collaborative effort.


What’s your favourite song of your new album?

Right now, I’m feeling a song called consumed the vision and my buddy from Chris Cresswell from the Flatliners also sings on it. It’s just a fun, different, lighter song from Comeback Kid, that’s why I like it but I don’t have a spot on favourite.


How did you pick the name Comeback Kid for your band? What’s the story behind it? 

I was coming up with a lot of really shitty names, and our old singer at the time Scott was looking through the newspaper. This hockey player called Mule was coming back from to the NHL and there was a headline that said, “Comeback Kid’. At the time that was something we could agree on and it was better than all my names at the time, so here we are.


If you could have any band perform one of your songs which band and song would you choose and would it be in your style or theirs?

It would have to be a heavy band and a big band, as I would want a lot of people to hear it. Let’s get Slayer to cover a song of their choosing. Rancid would also be cool.




How did you come up with your music video for surrender control?

That song talks about anxiety and excess of substance, trying to be a better person. My friend in Germany called Daniel was the director; he came up with the treatment. He’s the type of guy that’s dealing with a lot of issues and anxiety and stuff like that. You see him going up a hill and he keeps on falling back like he’s trying to overcome some kind of obstacle, by the end of it he makes it to the top. The director had an idea of a spotlight with a visual aspect with a spotlight. So he shoots the actor with the protagonist, so he always shoots him in a dark outdoor area with a spotlight. The band was also in a dark room with spotlights. The spotlight was the glue that kept it all together. Between the performance shoots and the protagonist actor shoots.


​Who writes the music in your band or do you all write it together?

​I write all the lyrics and our two guitar players Jeremy and Stu write all the music.


 Do you prefer playing festivals or small shows? 

To be honest I love playing festivals, but I also enjoy playing small shows. For me it’s the variety that keeps it exciting. Small shows wouldn’t be as exciting if it was always small shows. It’s nice to make a special after playing in front of thousands of people. It’s cool playing in front of 100 people.


 What’s your favourite concert memory?

My most recent concert memory was at a gig in Spain called Resurrection Fest. There were four or five thousand people there screaming all our words. It was top three or top five shows of my entire life I loved it​.


​When you go on tour how often do you change your set list?

We try to change it every tour, but if we are going to play two shows that are close to each other. If we play one show and are going to play another show in that city an hour away we try to mix it up a little bit. If we notice people are following us along on tour we try to mix it up so we play some different songs.


 Do you ever change your lyrics in a live set?

Yes just for inside jokes.



Can you share any?

We had this YouTube video back in 2007 for a song called Broad Casting, there was a YouTube video that would take songs and type words to them what the word sounded like. We had this one word on Broad Casting that was providing us, but on the video it was Tobias and there was a picture of Tobias from Arrested Development. So sometimes people use to sign Tobias. So it’s a big thing. People who know the band know the joke, sometimes we go along with it.


Any random facts that your fans don’t know?

We all live in different cities, so when we do a Canadian tour it’s almost a home town every show.

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