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The iconic and long lasting band Ugly Kid Joe performed at Hellfest 2017,  after their performance they were asked a few pertinent most significantly we wanted to know about their levels of motivation on what was to be a gruelling tour. They responded by saying “The opportunity to play,Isaid it on the microphone on stage,Iwas like wow people coming to France for a band that broke up 15 to 16 years ago. We came to France and there was a magic powerful energy, right so to get this gig is a blessing. We are very excited to come and that people showed up, if that doesn’t give you energy what will.”

Ugly Kid Joe was formed in 1990 in Isla Vista, California. “The band’s name is a pun on the glam hair band Pretty Boy Floyd.” Ugly Kid Joe has five members Whitfield Crane on vocals, Klaus Eichstadt on guitars, Cordell Crockett on bass, Dave Fortman on guitars and Shannon Larkin on drums

 Ugly Kid Joe music is unique and stands out for their fans, as it is a mixture of hard rock, southern, funk, rap and thrash. Ugly Kid Joe are heavily influenced by bands such as AC/DC and Black Sabbath. They have had great success throughout their touring life, they have toured with Ozzy Osbourne amongst many other amazing artists. When asked if they would collaborate with Black Sabbath in the future they responded with “We live for Black Sabbath he’s (Ozzie) one of my favourite artists I’m wearing one of my favourite shirts that says Orchestra of Doom. I lived in Italy a year ago, for four months and I sang with a 34 piece orchestra. I did a Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne, Euro Black Sabbath songs. It was amazing as Ozzy actually sent me a bunch of stuff. As far as collaborations or anything to do with Black Sabbath the answer would be of course yes.”


PHOTO CREDIT: Titouan Massé Photography 

Ugly Kid Joes first bit of success was seen when they released ‘Everything About You’ (1992) and peaked at number three on the billboard charts. Ugly kid Joes EP “As Ugly As They Wanna Be” which sold more than two million copies, this EP is the highest selling EP of all time and is notable for being the first EP to be certified multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). In 1992 Ugly Kid Joe released their album ‘Americas Least Wanted’ which peaked at number 29 on the Billboard charts. In 1995 Ugly Kid Joe started their own record label called “Evaluation Records” and the band released an album called “Motel California”.

In 1997 Ugly Kid Joe went on a long break, not reforming until 2011. Revitalised and full of new energy the dynamic group released their EP called ‘Stairway to Hell’ in 2012. They continued their success throughout 2012 to 2014 touring across Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand with Alice Cooper, Faith No More and Guns and Roses. In 2015 Ugly Kid Joe released there album ‘Uglier Than They Used Ta Be’ and did a full tour of the United Kingdom. Ugly Kid Joe are currently touring around Europe and performing at massive festivals in Norway, Portugal, Switzerland Germany and Spain.

Ugly Kid Joe has no plans to release any new albums anytime soon. However when they were asked if they were interested in releasing a live DVD they responded with “We have never done that, but we have a bunch of footage that we think is cool or could be cool. I think the answer will be yes we plan on making new music and being creative and plan on touring.” And when Twinmusix asked them if they were touring Australia anytime soon they responded with “Yes I just lived in Melbourne for 3 months and we plan on coming in December.” So stay tuned for those upcoming tour dates.

Twinmusix will be there, will you?



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