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This Wild Life

Twinmusix chat with Kevin from This Wild Life about their Australian  tour


What can fans expect from your Sydney show?

They can expect to hear some songs they have never heard in the country before. The last time we played there was our first record at soundwave. So with a festival set only thirty minutes long you don’t have time to play some of the deeper tracks you normally like to play in clubs. Now we have two records out plus our old EP I think fans can expect to hear our earlier stuff, our newer songs. If they have seen us before they most likely haven’t seen the new set up we have live. Some of the parts that are played on the record weather its keys, drums or bass or whatever, so we have definitely stepped up our live game. About a 45 minute set.


How did you come up with your new video break me?

I was thinking of putting together a video of instead of showing a average kind of break up, plot video we absolutely hate, not saying we haven’t done them, we wanted to do something that was different and to me the video is a visual representation that people can be self destructive, and people deal with ocd so the video was a little brain child of mine. My close friend Spencer shoots the video for me, his girlfriend Michelle stared in it. It was a very small production we built the set on our own time, in our own time and it was really good.


Are you excited to play with Mayday Parade?

Yes absolutely I was a fan when that record came out years ago. About two years ago we had the pleasure of going on tour with them in the US. So for them to ask us to be part of something that’s so special such a mile stone for their band. To ask us to come over and play these shows with them is really humbling.


How did you come up with your band name?

At the time it was really hard for our band to come up with something we all aggraded on. When we heard this name we said it out loud we thought that sounds like a band name. All the URL’S were available so we just went with it. It’s the most stressful thing ever to come up with a band name. Once you have something that sounds ok you go with it.

How did you meet and form your band?

I meet Anthony working at a music store my manger


Who writes the music in your band do you all write together or dose one person mainly writes?

We booth collaborate on the instrumentation and I write all the lyrics and melodies myself.


If you could have any band play one of your songs what song would it be? Would it be in your style or there’s? Which band would you choose?

That’s a really tough question, I would like to hear a band cover us and make it really heavy so I would say a band like architects id be really happy to head them play one of our songs.


What’s your favourite concert memory?

I went to a tour back in LA, when I was a kid called the Honda Civic tour; it was a Thrice and Dashboard Confessional tour and their two of my top three favourite bands of all time. So to see them back in there heyday when their new record had came out. Seeing these bands playing play these songs after the record came out was inspiring to me, it really made me want to get up on stage

Do you prefer playing bigger of smaller shows?

I think we prefer playing in a venue rather than a festival set up. I think we can control the environment a little more inside. Indoors the acoustics are a lot more charming for our sound and we can control the ambience of the room.


Where do you see yourself in the future staying this style or going in a different direction?

On our second record we defiantly explored the darker sounds of our music. Going forward on this next record. This record we are going a different direction playing songs that are lighter and more up lifting. More up tempo and the songs we want to perform live and sing along to.

Who do you look up to in music?

I think our main influence and my biggest influence for wanting to play guitar and sing was Chris Carraaba from Dashboard Confessional.

Do you ever change your lyrics in live set?

The only time I change lyrics in a live set is by accident. I’m kind of dyslexic when it comes to verses of the song. Ill sing the second verse first and when the second verse comes along I won’t remember the first verse so I sing the second one again


What’s your favourite song to play live?

I think most bands would tell you their newest song. We have a song called break me that we released four months ago and I love to play that song live. But truthfully I love playing one of our very first songs called ripped away. I’ve calculated how many times I’ve played the song and how long it is. Ive played it for over twenty four hours in my entire life but I still really enjoy playing it.

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