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Mayday parade
What can fans expect from your Sydney show?
Hopefully it’s going to be a lot of fun. I know it’s going to be a lot of fun. We are playing a lesion in romantics all the way from front to back. As well as another set at the end. Another 6 or 8 songs, just a high energy show, it’s been incredible we did the north America tour and now we are over in the UK, all these shows have been pretty insane everyone singing along and having a great time, we are really excited to go to Sydney it’s an incredible city and all the shows we have done in the past have been incredible so we are excited to be coming back.
Are you excited to tour with this wild life?
Yes I am I love those guys we have been touring with them in the past, they are great guys and a great band so I’m looking forward to seeing those guys again
How did you come up with your video black cat?
I think brooks and mike Wilson our photographer and videographer put the idea together and we got a director on board and just run with it. Black cat is a song we still play at every show and we never did a music video for it so I thought it might be something cool to do, a little bit different, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band do something like that make a video for a song that’s 10 years old
How did you come up with your band name?
I wish there was a better story but we just kind of put it together, I think Jake liked the word mayday and thought why don’t you use it somehow in your name, and Alex suggested how about Mayday Parade and we all gave it a thumbs up
How did you meet and form your band?
We have all known each other for quite a long time, I went to middle school with brooks, and I and brooks started a band together when we were about 12. That’s the same with everybody we all knew each other and played in different bands together and eventually back in 2005 we decided to build two bands we took some members from one bans and some from the other and at first we called it the super group because it was the best members from each band, we had our first practice and wrote three tunes for five years and we thought right away this was the right fit and the band that we would dedicate our self to and we went from there.
Who writes the music in your band do you all write together or dose one person mainly writes?
Everyone writes songs and we all contribute. It all depends we write some songs together, but usually someone will bring in an idea, a demo of a full song or a chorus or whatever then we take that and bring it together as a band, work on it and  finish it all together, That’s pretty much it.
If you could have any band play one of your songs what song would it be? Would it be in your style or there’s? Which band would you choose?
I’m a huge Jimmy Eat World fan so I would go with them as far as the song we have a song called without out the bitter the sweet isn’t as sweet and that’s one of my favourite songs that we have ever done and it means a lot to me so that would be cool to hear a different version of.
What’s your favourite concert memory?
It’s tough to say there is a lot of increasable moments and things; I think one of them is when we went to Manila in the Philippines for the first time, being somewhere you never thought you would go. The show was really incredible a lot of people singing along to every word I remember thinking this is insane, I can’t believe where we are and have this kind of response, live like this at a show on the other side of the world and have all kind of moments like that I remember that for sure standing out and we keep going back there.
Do you prefer playing bigger of smaller shows?
I don’t know if I prefer either I like booth, I don’t think I would like to do just do one or the other, I think it’s nice to switch it up, the big shows are obviously fun because there are a lot of people there because of the energy and the people singing along but that’s just kind of the cool thing. The smaller up close interment shows are nice as well and you feel more connected to the crowd when there’s no barrier between you so I like to do booth for sure.
Who do you look up to in music?
All kinds of bands but Third Eye Blind is my favourite band and the create they had they have been at it longer than most bands they are definitely one I look up to, they still manage to put out music that is meaningful and great after all these years.
What made you decide to do a tour playing a lesion in romantics?
Its 10 years old this year it came out in 2007, we just felt like it was the right time, we have seen lots of bands do their 10 year tour and cretin albums, so 10 years on it seems like a good idea to go back and re visit and play the songs.
Whats your favourite song you have ever made?
Either a lesion in romantics or our self titled album are two of my favourites it’s hard to say I like one more.
Do you ever change your lyrics in live set?
No not usually, some bands do that really well, counting crows is a band that plays live that switches medleys and lyrics some of that is really cool, for the most part I think it’s pretty straight on.
What’s your favourite song to play live?
It’s pretty tough to say I think its Oh Well Oh Well, also Jamie Oliver is one of your favourites, take this to Heart is a really fun one we haven’t played in a long time that we will obviously be doing on this tour.
Do you have and fan stories?
Nothing out the ordinary, I obviously think some people can go overboard, it’s a humbling thing, and everyone has different places in their life so nothing that really stands out.
Do you have any new Albums coming out?
Yes we will probably have a new album out early next year, we are in the middle of recording a new album which we will finish after this year, and hopefully be our in 2018 spring.
Anything else you would like to announce to your fans?
We are happy to still be here after all these years it’s been 12 years with the band we never thought we would make it this far. It means a lot to us that we can still travel all over the world and play music, play big shows people singing along, really means the world to us, and we hope to keep doing it for a long time thanks to everyone for the support.

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