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The Dead Daisies formed in 2012 with some very experienced members who have previously performed with other bands (White Snake, INXS and Slash), when they attended Hellfest in June 2017 Twinmusix was there to find out more about where the band had been and what they are looking forward to doing in the future.

After forming in 2012 The Dead Daisies have been very busy from tour with Aerosmith and ZZ Top in 2013.  In 2013 The Dead Daisies were featured in ‘Britain’s Classic Rock Magazine’ and in ‘Metal Hammer Magazine’. In ‘Classic Rock Magazine’ The Dead Daisies song ‘Lock N’ Load’ was voted number fifteen out of the top 100 songs’. In 2014 The Dead Daisies performed on the ‘Kiss Kruse’ in America to Touring on Jimmy Barnes tour in New Zealand. The Dead Daisies also released their EP ‘Face I Love ‘which had four new songs on it.

The group made history by performing in Cuba in 2015, becoming the first act to do so since the Obama administration re-opened trade ties, and they say that they would happily return to Cuba given the opportunity. When Marco was interviewed about Cuba he said “It was a dream come true, because Cuba is a place we have always wanted to go to and to have the opportunity to go and play music for the local people was amazing. We left with the glass full we realised more than ever that music makes a big difference and coming to Hellfest has been nothing but a great experience. We hope to return to Cuba whenever possible. I think we are trying to make arrangements to get there.”

In 2016 The Dead Daisies played at the ‘Bang Your Head’ festival and several more festivals across Europe, they also sold out shows in the UK and Europe including an acoustic show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Prague. They toured across the US with Kiss on their ‘Freedom To Rock Tour’. The Dead Daisies also played at the Loud Park Festival in Japan.

Marco Mendoza has played with Thin Lizzy, White Snake, Jerry Luis and many others, he feels that he has been very privileged to be part of the group. “I was very honoured to get a call to play with bands like that. I happen to live in LA and part of it was that I happen to be at the right place at the right time there are a lot of players in la your meeting the right people and the right circles of people and the opportunity comes and you try to be professional, you show up on time you prepare yourself you do your homework you leave your card and people call you again. great expiring but I got to say the combination of my career this band right here is the top of the line, I mean playing with these guys right here with Doug, John, Brian and David it’s for me like a dream come true if I could put a band together this is the band, so here I am in the middle of it and we are having a blast.”

Though the group has more than enough work of their own to complete a full line up they still perform covers of other artists, when asked why so many covers, they stated simply that they enjoy playing Zepplin, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles, it allows them to introduce their audience to the music that has  inspired them.


The benefit to working together is they have a huge amount of varied experience yet a lot of common ground, having either worked in bands together like White Snake, and two even went to school together in Australia.

The groups love for early rock lead their audience to ask who they would most like to perform with, The Dead Daisies were quick to respond with a range of different answers. Doug Aldrich chose Jimmy Page founder and lead guitarist of Led Zepplin, Brian Tichy said “Well if Doug said Jimmy Page in going to say Steven Tyler” lead singer Aerosmith. John Corabi, “I’m going to go with Paul McCartney.” David Lowy humbly said “I’m just happy to stick with these guys, this is enough for me.” Marco Mendoza also chose the famous Beatle  “Paul McCartney would defiantly be on top, and Steven  Tyler and John Paul Jones, I would just stand next to him and watch him play. There are so many choices, that’s a hard answer.”

In 2017 The Dead Daisies released their new album 'Live and Louder' featuring sixteen songs, They also released their 'Live And Louder' documentary DVD showcasing the 'Make Some Noise World Tour'. The bands are currently performing at the cream of the European Festivals including Download, Sweden Rocks, Rock Hard Festival, Hellfest & Graspop. This is one act with original art and respect for rock history, whether you’re a fan of the classics or the rock revival of the late 90’s they will be able to feed your need for great value Rock and Roll!!


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