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Steel Panther have once again hit it out of the ball park after they rocked with all the attendants at Hellfest this year. The signature message they came for was sex, drugs, tight spandex and rock and roll!! Twinmusix was at Hellfest and we were ecstatic to catch up with the Glam Rock foursome.

When asked, what was the main reason Steel Panther were at Hellfest this year front man Michael Starr, Satchel and Stix Zaindia were quick to answer with “I think we can expect a lot of people rocking out and a lot of boobies to be shown during our show.”  And they were correct; thanks to Steel panther we can safely assume that every male in the audience at least got to see boobs.

Michael was asked if he has learnt anything new to make the French girls crazier, he responded with “I did actually, I learnt how to do this thing with my tongue, it’s like the weirdest thing, I do the French alphabet on their vigina and it drives them completely crazy.” I am yet to find a girl who can say they have had Michael Starr write the alphabet on their vigina, except if you have we would love you to comment on the experience on our Facebook ;-) .

When Twinmusix asked Steel Panther if they would be re-releasing Hole Patrol under the name of Steel Panther they stated “we would like to re-issue it at some point but then maybe we might put it on a record, we don’t know yet. We are just still deciding. Right now it’s a collector’s item so if you can pick one up then pick it up because we only made 3,000 of them.” 

Twinmusix would love to hear a re-released version of this album as it is what truly started off there career. With the hits you know and love of this album Death to all but Metal and Community property I’m sure every Steel Panther fan would grab a copy. With only 3,000 real copies in the market place and a bunch of fake ones in circulation Twinmusix would love it if Steel Panther could make a video so you know what to look for if you are buying an original as there prices have reached up to $300 on the market place. 

To perform and sell albums like Steel Panther you need to prioritise your look, unless you’re a drummer. Satchel from Steel Panther said we “Take pride in the way we look and before we ever start writing a song we make sure we look good, and if anyone starts to look bad in this fucking band, you’re gone, we will fucking fire them. Except for the drummer because the standard isn’t quite as high for our drummer.” Stix replied with “that’s cool, that’s good to know.” So I guess Stix is the only one in the band that can eat as much pizza and drink as much Beer as he wants. Except as far as Twinmusix is concerned every member of Steel Panther is irreplaceable.


Lexxi was asked “you have a big influence on my hair style, could you tell me what your secret is? Lexxi responded with some sound hair advice “Well I get it cut every six months, you want the hot oil to stay in there and you lay in the sun as much as you possibly can. And since you lay in the sun your hair is going to look beautiful but your face is going to look ketchup so then just go and get plastic surgery and shave your beard.” Satchel was fast to agree with Lexxi’s advice and also suggested that “sometimes there is sperm that gets in his hair and that makes him look better.”

When Steel panther were asked “you look like real experts in love, I know you have toured all over the world and I would like to know what the hottest place is for you?” Satchel instantly responded with “Australia”.

And Stix clarified the question with the response “like temperature wise or sexy wise”

Michael Starr responded to the banter with “The best place to get laid and party is a steel panther show wherever we are at, and I’m serious because the people that come and see our show they love the music, they like the band and they like to fuck, and they like to party and they like pizza.”

Lexxi Foxx “yep, who doesn’t like pizza, everybody likes pizza”.

Satchel: fuck yeah, if you don’t like pizza there is something wrong with you

So I guess the verdict is if you don’t like pizza, beer, partying or walking out of Lexxi’s mums garage don’t bother attending a steel panther show. As Steel Panther continue to Rock Festivals and headline their own shows across the world the loyal fans will continue listening to their Whitty humour and love their songs. 

We hope to see Steel Panther on the Hellfest line up next year as the audience goes wild every time they headline a main stage.





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