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Twinmusix got to talk to ZP from Skidrow about their Australian tour and more.


TM- Are you excited to come to Australia?



ZP- We are very much looking forward to this trip to Australia. We have been exited for a while now, we will be in Australia in a few weeks. It is very exciting.


TM- We can't wait to have you guys is Australia, so What is your favourite thing to do in Australia?



ZP- Fishing, it is only a one-word answer



TM- Awesome! Hopefully, you get to go fishing in Australia.


TM- What can fans expect from your Australian tour?


ZP- A tour full of energy, we are coming with All Guns Blazing, engines firing on all cylinders. We have been working to get everything down to a tee, it will be fun and sweaty and that is a promise.



TM- How do you pick your setlist for touring?


ZP- it is the basics setlist we have been doing for a while now and then we rotate songs. 



TM- How have fans reacted since you've been the new Frontman for skidrow?


ZP- Fans have really embraced me coming in, don't really worry about that. I just wanted to go in there and do the best I could and so far the feedback has been positive.



TM- I think you are a great frontman, I watched some of your videos today and you are great.


ZP- Thank You


TM- Do you think your writing style has influenced the album in a different direction?


ZP- I'm involved in some of the writing processes. I believe my writing style is going to dictate how it's going to sound and I am excited to get it tracked down and for everyone to hear it.



TM- Your working with Michael Wagener what's it like working with him?


ZP- whe ln I was a kid I was a massive fan of the skid row albums. Michael Wagener helped work on the new album and he just lives outside of Nashville.  I go out and see him quite regularly and he is the nicest guy you could imagine. We are going into his studio to do our new album he's really professional he's on another level.



TM- What is your writing and recording process for your new album?


ZP- Everyone has been so busy over the last few years, writing has been put on the backburner since the beginning of this year. This is what's going to happen it is not gonna be an ep, it is going to be a full-length album. We get together, get some writing done and choose what songs we want to put on the album.



TM- you recently had Stone Deaf festival what is your favourite memory?


ZP- It was the first festival, it was simple they were only a few bands on only one day and people had time to cill the next day before they started work for the week.



TM - What is your favourite memory with Skid Row?


ZP- A very memorable moment is when we took a trip down to Indonesia to play One show. We took a trip for three days, we went into a city in the middle of a jungle and it took 3 and a half hours to drive out there. When we got there we saw 70000 people that were there to watch us play, that was one for the books.



TM- What is your favourite memory of watching someone else play Live?


ZP- I was a massive Bon Jovi fan and I was in South Africa and Bon Jovi came through there in 1995. They played the big stadium in Johannesburg and that was the first show I've ever seen,  that will stick with me for life.



TM- That is Awesome! I love Bon Jovi! I can't wait to see them live.


ZP- It will be a great show!


TM- Your favourite Skid Row song to perform live?


ZP- Quicksand Jesus when the intro starts I completely get sucked in by it.


TM- Is there anything else you'd like to share with your fans?


ZP- I love being in Skid Row


TM- Thank you for the interview, we can't wait to have you in Australia!







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