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Twinmusix spoke to Snake Sabo from Skid Row about his upcoming tour and new album.

what can fans expect from your Australian Tour?

We will be down in Australia with a new singer and hopefully our last singer, he hasn't really infectious personality and a really positive guy it's infectious for the rest of us. We are all in really great spirits as well. he is really respectful to the history of the band and does everything to show that respect and brings the songs across very well.


How did ZP come to join the band?

ZP left Dragon Force and started singing in a band called I am. I am I opened up for us when we were doing a run through the UK he and Rachel hit it off really well. The opportunity arose when we went looking for a new frontman, so we had him come over to jam with us to see what he was like. When he came over he knew our material and we were really impressed, we did and we haven't looked back science we got him.


What was your favourite memory of touring with Ugly Kid Joe?

The first time we came to Australia was in 1990 and it was at the very end of a 17 month run you know, that Australia is halfway around the world but you never think you're going to get the chance to see it or perform it so when that happened life has changed so drastically.


A year before that we had made a record it hadn't come out yet he knew what was going to happen, we were just happy we were able to release a record cut to 17 months later we were on a plane to Australia. We will like are you kidding me, are we really doing this, it didn't just meet up to the Expectations that we had it's superseded it because the culture and the lifestyle was just so laid back and cool people without going to like real people really this nice and the opportunity to come back here at 28 years later boggles the mind.

What can fans expect from the final installment of The United World Rebellion Trilogy?

We are going to be doing a full length album. We are working again with Michael Wagner, he's amazing he's been such an important part of our history and a great friend and the songs that we are writing. I don't know how to describe them they just skid Row songs. We write the way we write, the guitars are gave and loud and l hopefully theres hooks in there that people can sink their teeth into but overall it will be a positive record. As far as the lyrics the view point and the vibe and that will be very exciting too because it's the first time you'll be doing an album like this with ZP.


If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs ? 

U2, do quicksand Jesus, in their style.


Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

We are absolutely honored to be able to come back to Australia and I promise that no one will be disappointed and Thank You for the continued support it means the world to us.







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