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Pop Will Eat Itself are also known as  PWEI and The Poppies, PWEI We're formed in England in 1986. They formed as an indie rock band. In 1996 PWEI broke up after making two Albums. In 2005,  PWEI reunited for a short time and broke up. In July 2011 PWEI announced a new line-up and they released a new album called "New Noise Designed by a Sadist" and they proceeded to write a second album which was titled "Anti-Nasty League" and released In 2015.

PWEI played at the factory theatre last night, When I arrived at the venue there were fans everywhere and everyone was eager for doors to open. There was an amazing atmosphere and the fans were buzzing with excitement. 

As PWEI walked out on stage there was a voice over. when the voice over was finished PWEI said: "Thank you for being here tonight". The crowd clapped and cheered, and the first two songs were played. As PWEI played "Pweization" and "Rsvp" the crowd sang every word.

 PWEI proceeded to play "Can You Dig It" followed by"Not Now James, Dance Of The Mad, Preaching and Nose bleeder" as PWEI was playing the crowd was dancing and singing every word. The crowd were so energetic and their mood was contagious. 


The next song was "Oldskool" this song was released on the album  "New Noise Designed by a Sadist" in 2011. This was my favourite song on the night and the crowd went wild for this song. 


Watch official clip LINK here .

Fuzz says " It's all fake, all a bit hard to love". Then Graham started dancing around on stage when they played the intro to "Wise up" and then he started singing.

Fuzz says in the microphone "what's next" to one of his fans in the audience "can you read upside down, what's next" the fan looks at the setlist and says "Everything's Cool" as the fan announces it to the audience, PWEI started to play the song and follow it up with "Axe of Men" and "Watch The Bitch Blow".

Graham then says "Then you people, the power is in tour hands, this song is off the last album this song is called  'Director's Cut' which was released on the album "Anty, Nasty, League" in 2015.

A fan from the audience jumped on the stage and Graham said "what's your name ", the fan said "Chris" then Chris whispered something to Graham. Then Graham said "cheers, love you" and the band played, "Bullet Proof" and "Aus Lander". Fuzz stopped after this song and said "respect and love Sydney, brothers and sisters".

PWEI walked off stage and the lights turned off. The fans started cheering for an encore, as they know the show was not over. As the lights turned back on and PWEI came back on stage and Graham brought a megaphone out on stage and counted to three as the band started playing the song "Get the Girl".

Graham said, "thank you total f****** Legends, hope you guys and girls have had another legendary evening here in Sydney, this is your last chance to show us that you're better, louder and more beautiful than the people in Melbourne". PWEI started jumping around on stage, and the audience started jumping as well, along to the song "Def Con One" which was released in July 1988 on the album This Is the Day, This Is the Hour, This Is This. 

The last song for the night was  "Their Law" which was originally by The Prodigy released in 1994, PWEI re-released this song 2005. Fuzz says to the audience "go back to the crib, go back to the victim, Thank You very much Sydney" and the crowd clapped and cheered. The audience cheered for more as the house lights came on and you knew the audience had an amazing time. I definitely recommend seeing PWEI, it was a really fun and energetic show and I definitely walked out as a fan. 

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