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Twinmusix chat with Jim Bob About his up coming tour and more.

 what can fans expect from your Australian tour?

Songs that they know hopefully, it seems to work better when people are singing along, it just makes it more more fun for everyone.

 how do you decide your sets list of what you're going to play while you're on tour?

 There are certain songs are always play, they are the most popular songs, then I'll add songs I think will work well.

 what the time will you bring on tour?

 My Tailored  Guitar.

 In 2007 he wrote a novel called word count, that gave it to your fans with your album Humpty Dumpty, what inspired you to write your own novel?

 It was easier to give it out with my album, then get it's published, I have released 5 books.

 What is your favourite keep memory with your fans?

 Some of the recent things we did when Carter reformef as a band, it's amazing when all your fans come and watch you play, you get that feeling of power.

 What inspired you to do a version of Wheels on the Bus?

 I traveled a lot on buses in South London, they were quite room and there was always horrible stuff going on.

 What made you have to have a career in music?

 There wasn't anything else I ever really wanted to do, when I was really young I saw the film Stardust, ever since then I wanted to go into music and that never really left me.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band, which song and in your style or theirs?

Their song, they can choose the song, Beyonce.

 what's your favourite past time while touring?

 It used to be to stop and buy chips and chocolate, talking rubbish with my friends.

 what made you want to start your own solo career in music, instead of playing with a band?

 I had been in a band for a long time, I just wanted to get things done on my own, without asking other people's opinions.

 Anything else you'd like to announce to your fans?

 Come to see me, be nice and not too many selfies.
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