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Twinmusix got to speak Lindsay Schoolcraft about her up coming solo tour in Australia, her up coming album and more.

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

LS - Definitely a good time a harp set and some DJing. My favourite club music will be in my DJ set is going to be really fun.

TM - One of my friends plays the harp

LS - Really that is awesome, its not really one of the most common instruments the modern classical one comes from the grand piano and they have been around since the Egyptian times. There is not many people out there playing them, I guess in the heavy metal to there is only a few of us a small handful.

TM - He also makes them

LS - good for him that is not easy i meet someone who makes harps and i said i don't know how you do it

TM -  He uses 3D printer on some parts so you can get parts that you wouldn't normally get on it it's really cool. Then he makes the rest out of wood.

LS - That's cool i would love to look at his page and see what he has posted online

TM - Ill send you the link

TM - What can fans expect from your VIP experience?

LS - It is going to be fun I think in some places we are going to play Cards Against Humanity. It is going to be a cool meet up it is more of a hangout thing I'm really looking forward to it.


TM - Have you seen two Cyanide and Happiness card game?

LS - I definitely have to look at it now you have mentioned it. 

TM - definitely 

TM - You are bringing out a new album next year what can fans expect?


LS - I collaborated with someone I'm not going to say who it is yet but their Grammy award winning and one of my idols. They have flamented a little bit of the sound on the album but it's kind of along the lines of hard rock, nu metal, strings, live choirs, harp and piano i think its going to be really cool. 

TM - So you have done music with Kitty as well can you tell us more about this?

LS - Morgan Lander had this company called dilemma crystal skulls and she made my head piece for the Heartbreak and seance video. They are really cool girls, I keep in touch with them because they are one of my favorite bands from high school and mercedes Landers has a new band called The White Swan.

TM - Who designs your outfits and how much say do you have in putting them together?

LS - It is me its all me sometimesI help out Danny too. I have an idea and give it to a designer or sometimes I will just see it online and go yes that's the piece. same with had dresses I have done a lot of work with Hysteria machine and I used to make my own head dresses. same with the makeup and all the fine details. It is direction and my vision its very rear that i let someone dress me and do my make up.

TM - I also saw that you are into the chemistry of how makeup is done.

LS - Yeah I have been a make-up artist for quite a while now, I do a little bit of everything and I got my cosmetology degree earlier this year and took about 3 months and it was a lot of work between work and school but it was a lot of fun. I like that everyone's face shape is different and you can really accentuate people's faces makeup is such an interesting art form. I have kind of developed me and Danny's look for Cradle of Filth for the past while so I am very grateful that I get to do that.

 TM - What inspired you to play the harp?

LS - I was looking into my background with my family and a lot of it is Irish one of my most influential albums that the time was Björk Vespertine and it has a lot of harp on it and it is my Christmas album. I don't know what it is when i hear the harp in movies I can pick it out right away. At first I thought it was a classical guitar and they do sound very similar and the more i looked into the harp I thought I would love to learn this music and implement it into darker music and heavy metal and rock. I was in uni I saved up my money for a year and bought a harp and I really didn't start taking the harp seriously until this year and i practice 30 minutes a day.

TM - You have a side project can we expect anything from this soon?

LS -  Yeah it's kind of a supergroup but that's hard to find time when everyone is available. We are trying to find some time next year when we are all free to finish off the album we have completed most of these songs.


TM - You started off in media and moved over to playing metal can you tell us more about this?

LS - When I was a solo artist in my home town I started writing for the metal magazine and then I moved to Sonic Cathedral. I did reviews, interviews and translations i have alot of respect for media outlets you keep this industry going.


TM - What made want to do media as well?

LS - I kind of fell into it because I started posting these one to two paragraphs on Facebook and at the time I was getting press for my own band. I got contact by a few people and they said your writings really good have you ever thought about getting into media and I said yeah how many hours a week do I have to do this, it didn't take up much of my time but i really enjoyed it and it was alot of fun.


TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

LS - I would love to hear one of my songs being done by kmfdm on nine inch mates.


TM - If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

LS - Jonathan Davis from Korn hopefully one day.

TM - That would be sweet, Korn are awesome! Jonathan Davis side project was fantastic a Hellfest.

TM - You did a cover of Madonna song Frozen what made you want to write the song and how did you write all the parts for it?

LS - It is a song that I listened to When I Was Young that introduce me to that dark world goth aesthetic.  I found the sheet music online and scripted back to working with guitars drums and vocals it and built everything around that was really fun. I did it at the studio with my producer Tyler Williams.

TM - Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

LS - Be prepared hold on tight because next year is going to be such a big year for Cradle of Filth i think everyone will be excited. 


TM - Awesome, thank you so much for this interview today, we really appreciate it and we can't wait for your Australian show.





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