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Twinmusix caught up with Dani Filth from Cadle Of Filth to talk about their new Album, Vedio and more
TM - What can fans expect from your new CD Cryptoriana?
DF - Well it’s a continuation from our previous album Hammer of the Witches. It’s our second album for Nuclear Blast. Hydrofic Melodrama it’s brutal it’s fast and ornate, it’s dark and romantic it’s just a classic Cradle of Filth record.
TM - How did you come up with the Video clip for your new song Heartbreak and Seance?
DF - The artist that worked on Hammer of the Witches, he’s a Latvian contemporary artist and we really liked what he did so we wanted to work with him again on this record. Then I found out from his peers that he was a better video director. Then he was an artist. He was amazing at both jobs. So we decided to pool our artwork, video and photography budget together for the album. We flew the whole band to Latvia. We were blown away by the attention to detail for the video. The amount of extras, costumes, sets. We were very pleased we went there. He took the things from the album and turned it into this grand vision of his, its very classical, neat classical, but it depicted the subject of the song. We care very pleased with it no CGI at all and just a really lavish cinematic experience.
TM - In 1992 you self-released Invoking the Unclean, how would you say your sound has changed between then and now?
DF - For the better I hope, it was quite a while ago I think it was recorded in a caravan. It didn’t move I think, but that wasn’t our first choice to record the new album, though it wasn’t that far geographically from that place we recorded with Scott Adkins the producer who we have worked with for the last few albums. I have also worked with my other band Devilment. His studio it’s not huge, but it’s great for what it is. We fly the band in and stay in holiday cottages.  It’s quite remote and in the country side. It’s only about thirty minutes from where I live. So it means I can bother him throughout the recording process and the mixing and the mastering stages. So the attention to detail and the fact we are able to finance a decent record at the time, spend four to five months on a record.  
TM - What was your favourite part about being in the movie Baphomet?
DF - It was only a very small role. So I guess my favourite part was that small role. Literally about three minutes. I just play a historian who speaks to the protagonist, who’s doing a speech or something like that.
TM - So researcher shows you love horror movies, so what type of things do you do for Halloween each year?
DF - Last year we went to Scaresville in the country. It’s a walking tour that goes through farm land and a deserted town and out into the woods. Play actors jump out on you. It’s acutely, really scary and pretty decent. In the past we have gone to London and done the ghost tours - London dungeons.
TM - If you could have any band perform one of your songs, which song would it be, which band would it be and would it be in your style or there’s?
DF - One Direction in their style doing of dark blood or fucking.
TM - How do you write your music, do you all sit there and write it together or does one of you do most of the writing?
DF - Everyone compiled their ideas, wether its whole songs, bits of songs or just the odd riff they thought would work. Then we all went to the Brno in the Czech Republic. It’s a brilliant, beautiful inspirational place; we were there for a week before we played a festival in Slovakia. It was a lot cheaper doing it there than somewhere like London. We had a rehearsal space, we collected our ideas. We came back from that week and a half with about eighty percent of the album written. We spent the rest of autumn piecing it together. It goes under mutations when you get into the studio. So it’s a constantly evolving beast. 
TM - You have performed at a lot of festivals over the years, what is your favourite to perform at?
DF - My other band Devilment just played Bloodstock. Cradle has played there before. It’s been getting better every year. It normally features the bands that wouldn’t play on bigger festivals. But it attracts around 20 to 25 thousand people. You get bands like Blind Guardian and Creator. It’s just a really great festival. But my all time favourite festival would be Ozzfest, we headlined the B stage for that in America for ten weeks in 2003 and it was incredible. All through the summer an incredible party and massive crowds.
TM - What is the best concert you have seen live?
DF - Iron Maiden I have seen them quite a few times, I wouldn’t be able to pin point which one but Maiden are pretty impressive full stop.
TM - The music scene has changed a lot over the years, what is your opinion on it?
DF - I don’t really have much of an opinion on the scene. It uses to be really good in England, when it first started we had My Dying Bride and Paradise lost and great festivals. But as Cradle of Filth we have never really been part of the scene, when we started getting big we were the only people really doing it to a degree. We had friends abroad and other bands of our style around the world. We felt a bit like a loose leg.
TM - What is your craziest fan story?
DF - We recorded an album by Elizabeth Bathery called Cruelty and the Beast. It was quite a high profile album, when people talk about Cradle of Filth they mention that record. People are very aware of it. This girl starts writing me letters saying she’s the reincarnation of Elizabeth of Elizabeth Bather and Imp her husband from the 17th century. It was all pretty mad and she really believed this so that went on for a while. Then we were playing the Milwaukee Metal Hest and I went out in a car with a runner, we needed some provisions for the tour bus. So I and the backing singer went out with this driver to Wallmart to get some stuff. On the way there Alf missed the turn and kept driving and then he started talking about his girlfriend. I was thinking what is this all about. To cut a long story short it turns out he was the boyfriend of that girl and he was going to get married to this girl and she was so convinced that she was this woman. He decided to call off their wedding. At that point I thought he was driving me out to a field to foot me and bury me. But he was alright about it in the end. He just wanted to let off some steam.
TM - Do you plan on coming back to Australia any time soon?
DF - Yes we do, but I can’t give you the date, my management would kill me, but he’s a stickler for synergy so he would want everything done by the book, done at certain times so it’s universally rolled out. But I can tell you it’s definitely in May, The first half of May.
TM - Can you tell us the story behind the “Jesus is a cunt” shirt?
DF - Originally when we came up with it we were in utter hysterics because it wasn’t an infinitely satanic statement it was primarily anarchic statement and we were debating ourselves if it was too strong to put on a t-shirt. My wife was working at a t- shirt place at the time and she tried getting them printed up but they wouldn’t print it up. At  a very picturesque village in Suffolk they had to pass them out the back door and cash in hand. That was his first incarnation. We printed it with better artwork. It’s currently caused a storm over the years and it still does. There was a law they were sighting from the 18th century about defamatory and anti religiousness and stuff like that but it got crushed in court. But they were trying to bring that back to prosecute someone that was wearing that shirt.
TM - Any more announcements for your fans?
DF - Only the album is out September 22nd. I recommend buying the special edition because it comes with two extra tracks. One of which is our cover of Alike in Hell by  Annihilator. Also either the end of this week or the beginning of next week the new single Achingly Beautiful from the new album with comes out as a lyric video. I also recommend people to visit the Cradle of Filth Facebook page because it’s obviously been updated on a regular basis. So that will be the first place I guess that people will be able to find out those Australian tour dates. Anything else to do with the band and there’s a lot of exciting things coming up.
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