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Twinmusix talk to Mother Junkst from Lagerstein about their Australian tour and more

What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

A really high energy and Powerful party, I think Lagerstein songs are a house party cropped with rock and roll show.

This year you're heading back into the studio to record your third full length album, how does it feel going back into the studio after two years of just touring?

We are really excited to go back in the studio and are in full writing mode at the moment. We have the shell of about 20 songs even though the album will be less, there are all these song ideas and concepts flying around. We are still not sure what the final result will be.

What's your writing and recording process for your albums?

Myself and Majestic Beast do majority of the composing, we use Guitar Pro so we love to tab out everything and work on it. I see writing music like sculpting start off with the Riff and aad stuff. we do most of our lyric writing at the table as a group.

You're about to go back to Europe to tour again after the success of your last tour, what do you expect from your next one?

I love touring over in Europe, so I'm just really excited to be there. I would love to go to some more countries that we haven't visited, I would love to play more festivals.

What gear do you use on stage?

 we use a digital setup, Line 6 g70 units.

If you could have any band play one of your song's which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

Manowar doing the land of Bundy.

What's your favourite story from your European tour?



We went to a festival in Germany called The Dark Troll festival it's all black metal and folk metal bands and it was the first festival we had played over in Europe, we were sleeping in our car for the first door and we passed out on the grass next to our car, and are German people kept on tackling us when they walk past us.

What's your favourite song to play on tour at the moment?


Sail Ho! cause it's a fun and technical piece.

Anything else you would like to announce to your fans?

This tour we have coming up will be Kick Ass we have a brand new set.

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