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AHOY!!! Grab your shoeys and raise your hooks because it’s time to party Lagerstein style!!


The crew of the S.S. Plunderberg have done it again and given us a masterpiece in the form of their first ever live album and concert DVD; Live in Brisbane, and of course it’s no surprise it’s amazing!


Unlike previous albums from these guys, this album features 20 face melting tracks playing some of their greatest hits from their 3 studio albums including; Down the Hatch, Raise Your Steins, Party Parrot, Slocken the Rum and so many more played by some of the greatest musicians on the 7 seas! Including Mother Junkst on the keytar and violin, Jacob the fiercest keys in the Caribbean on keyboard, Neil Rummy Rackers and The Majestic Beast on guitars, Rusty Timber’s on the drums, Lucky the Great on the b-b-b-bass guitar, and of course on the main deck, your captain and mine; Captain Gregarggh! Also making appearances on this album are the Party Parrot and Head Wench Marz!


We were lucky enough to catch up with the Majestic Beast to talk about the album and here’s what he had to say;


What excites you most about this album?


Lagerstein is known for our wild stage shows, they're a completely different experience to listening on the album. Now after 10 years of playing concerts around the world we've finally captured the Lagerstein live experience for people to watch at home! It looks and sounds top notch. We're really excited to show the world our pirate party! 


What can fans expect from the new album?


It goes for 90 minutes and is full of our favourite bangers from our 3 albums. We worked really hard on crafting the perfect setlist so it really gives the audience a full interactive pirate experience. 


What was your favourite song to play at this show?


Dreaded Skies, it's a classic song in the set but it still gets me every time. The crowd goes ballistic in that song. It's a dancing, pirating and headbanging anthem! 


Would this DVD be an accurate representation of what to expect at a lagerstein show?


This is the most ultimate Lagerstein live experience. It's got it all - shoeys, wall of deaths, campfire sing-a-longs, beer bongs, party parrots, crowd surfers, special guest musicians - it's a party!


Anything else you would like to add?


We hope you crack a beer and enjoy the concert! We can't wait to take the S.S Plunderberg back around the world and get back to partying with all our crewmates!



Of course we are all excited to hear the new album which drops anchor on Friday the 16th of April! If you haven’t already pre ordered it then you can do so at, so in the immortal words of our captain “Grab the rum! Grab the beer! Grab the wenches! Charge your drinks! And let’s party!!”