Fuel formed in 1993 while playing the club circuit in and around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The band signed with Sony and in 1998 and released an album titled "Sunburn", Fuel had their first hit single “Shimmer” from this album.


 They proceeded to release their second album "Something Like Human", this hit multi-platinum status, with singles “Innocent” and “Hemorrhage”. In 2003 Fuel released their third record "Natural Selection"


 Fuel have had an extremely successful career, selling over 3.5 million records in the U.S alone. 


In 2014 Fuel released the album,  "Puppet Strings",  and it entered the Billboard rock charts at number one.

 After not being in Australia for 15 years, Metropolis Touring brought and almost sold out a show at manning bar in Sydney NSW. Last night American alternative rockers FUEL returned to celebrate their 19th anniversary of their album “The Sunburn" with their original singer Brett Allen Scallions. 


 The lights dimmed Before Fuel hit the stage, as they Walked out they started head banging while playing their first song of the night "Untitled".


Then they dove straight into the song ‘Jesus or a Gun?’ As they played, the Guitarist held his guitar  above his head and played, the crowd was singing along and holding their hand in the air, everyone was displaying the "rock on" sign.


 Brett paused after this song and  Said "It's good to be in Sydney, we flew in from LA today to be here tonight". This got a great reaction from the crowd as they all started cheering.  They proceeded to  play the sing "New Thing". 

Brett started playing the long intro to a song called "Song for You", the crowd started to get really energetic and then Brett stopped to  introduced  Jason on guitar.  After the introduction they started playing the whole Song. During the song Brett Signiled the audience to cheer twice which they did, it really made you feel like a part of the show. 


Brett then Said "it's a honor and pleasure to be in Sydney, we havn't been here in 15 years and it's the 20th anniversary of our music" . Fule started playing Sunburn, the crowd went crazy, you could tell everyone had been waiting to hear this song for a while.


Fuel  jumped straight into the song "Shimmer" and the  crowd started jumping and singing along, they started clapping and chearing  at  the end of the song. Everyone was so excited they proceeded to play Bittersweet.

In the song ‘Mary Pretends’ the Guitarist reached into the audience and handed picks to the  fans. Brett  reached out to touch his fans hands in the audience and proceeded  to tell everyone that he's a old school punk rocker.


Brett laid his guitar flat on the stage in front of his microphone stand and walked off stage with the band. The crowd started chanting "One More Song", then Fuel walked back on stage and played,  "Bad Day" and "Falls On Me". After these two songs he stopped the audience as he wanted to make an announcement,  he said  "it's wonderful you passed lgbt gay marrige", the crowd cheered as they agreed with what he had to say. The last song of the night was Hemorrhage. 


As everyone walked out of the gig you saw smiles across everyone's face, it was a night full of rock that involved the whole audience and you really felt like you were a part of the show. If you ever get the chance it's a must see show, so put it on the list!.

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