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Frank Carter And The Rattle Snake  Review

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes are a punk rock band from England. They were formed in 2015 by singer Frank Carter who was previously in bands such as Gallows and Pure Love.

They released their first EP in May 2015 titled Rotten and launched their debut album Blossom via Kobalt Label Services in August 2015. They released their second album Modern Ruin in January 2017 with International Death Cult. The album was produced by Thomas Mitchener at the Studio Broadfields in Watford.


Frank carter and the Rattlesnakes played at the metro theatre, when I walked in, it was buzzing with people waiting anxiously for a great show, and boy oh boy did they deliver!


When the band was about to come on stage, the lights turned off and the band runs on stage and starts playing then Frank ran on stage and started singing his first song Primary Explosive and the crowd sung along to every word.

Frank then turned to the crowd and said “my daughter's at home right now and to all the parents out there if you have any idea what it's like I feel your pain I feel your suffering” and the crowd cheered then he pulls out his phone to see if his daughter is awake and she wasn't so he started to record on his phone and said “this song is dedicated to my daughter Mercy rose this song is called Lullaby” and starts singing and the crowd cheered again.


After this frank addressed the crowd and said “all of a sudden someone comes along and rattles your fucking cage and you thought; you've been in love before, and then someone comes along and you realise that you have never been in love before now” and then played the song Acid Veins.


Frank then asked the crowd to put their hands for together for the incredible bands we get to share this stage of tonight; The Cancer Bats and the Beverly Chills, then said put your hands together for every single person working in this building tonight, the bar staff, the venue staff, the lights, the sounds, the monitors, but most importantly the security that keeps you safe all night long show some respect make some noise, then Gareth started playing the drums and the crowd claps along. The band then used this as a lead into the song Jackles.

Frank told the dance floor to open up and start a circle pit, and he wanted it to see the biggest circle pit that The Metro has ever seen! The crowd went crazy jumping in to the circle pit and really getting into the music as the band played.


Frank jumped into the mosh pit and got the crowd to hold him up by the feet while singing a  song to the audience. Then a few songs later  Dean handed someone his guitar and also jumped in to the audience and everyone held him up, then they passed him his guitar and played a song.


Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes were an awesome band to see live! Even if you don't like their music, they put on an amazing show and I recommend seeing them live at least once.

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