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Twinmusix Chat With Mario From Earthless About there new Album And More


 what can fans expect from your new album Black Heaven?

 Amongst all the loud guitars rumbling drums and fuzzy bass, that's we have always done on all the other albums, this one is different because it has a handful of songs with vocals on it, that hasn't been a road that we've gone down before with a full-length album to this extreme.

 What made you want to add vocalists on this album and go in a different direction?

 When we decided to make another the album leaf what are we going to do something different from the last one so we didn't think it was really in us to do another half an hour song. 

 Our previous work was from the era of the band but we lived in the same City. We use to practice a couple of times a week. Our Guitar player lives 8 hours away so we don't have the luxury of practicing when we want to, so we thought what's going to work realistically here.

 Then we thought let's try something totally different that we haven't done before so we wrote songs with vocals and unleashed the secret weapon of our guitarist voice so that was our secret weapon.

 Who wrote the music for your album and how did you come up with you album cover for Black Heaven?

 Isaiah Mitchell came up with most of the music for a new album he would come over with the songs he wrote and we would finish it all together. in the past, Mike has come up with a lot of the riffs and we would just build from that. for the album cover, we found a guy called Andrew Sloane on Instagram that we had followed. We hit him up and ask him if he would be interested in doing something with us and it worked out really well.

You recorded your Album Dave Catching house, what was it like working with him?

 I struck up a relationship a few years ago on tour when he was in Eagles of death metal and I was in a band called off. so we became buddies and I mentioned that I'd like Earthless to record at his place sometime and he said yeah let's make it happen. then he said there's only one condition I have to be there so we finally did that.

If you could have one band play one of your songs which band would and in your style or theirs?

 Led Zeppelin doing electric flame in their style.

 When you first started you played Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath covers what made you want to start writing your own music after that?

 We started off playing communication breakdown and then ran into Ironman and before we knew it we had spent half an hour playing. Then we took that 20 minutes of random stuff we played in the middle and said let's just do that.

 You were playing in the Punk supergroup off and then decided to go and play more with her that's what made you decide to want to go and play with them more?

 I'm really happy to put earthless as my new priority and excited to see what we can do with this band and realise it's potential.

 When you played Redburn festival in Tilburg they moved into the main stage instead of playing on a small stage how did you tell when you found out your performance would be on DVD?

 It was awesome it was kind of a shocker at first because everything happens so sporadically. 

 How did that come around here playing on the main stage?

 The headline act was meant to do a longer set  but they cut it short, we were about to go in to the small room to set up. the main promoter Walter stops me on the way to go and set up and says hey we have a bit of a situation here the headlining bands cut their set shot and everyone is trying to fit into this room of 200 people and there's no way that is going to happen, so let's just put you on the main stage turn it up and have at it.

Could you tell us a story about touring with Baroness?

 The very last show of the tour we were in Arizona and fireworks are legal in Arizona. we had a bunch of fireworks and Baroness were in there van trying to find a place to eat. Our roadie took the fireworks and sneaks up next to the van and he lit the bag of fireworks and runs back to our van and we just watch from the window. And we saw people getting out of the van and we just drove off. And they Giving us the bird, that just takes the cake.Ive seen the singer John since and he was like dude that's so f***** up what you did.

 What made you want to play the drums?

 I was born into it I've been playing from since I was a pretty young kid around 4-5 years old.


Anything else you want to announce to your fans?


Thank you for all the support over the years especially in Australia have been there 3 or 4 times and each time we've gone there it gets better and better.

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