San Diego-based heavy psych rock trio EARTHLESS have released a new record, Live In The Mojave Desert, today via Nuclear Blast (digital) and Giant Rock Records (physical). Inspired by Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii, the album was recorded live and filmed throughout day and night in the natural amphitheatre of California’s Mojave Desert.

"Having the opportunity to set up out in the desert and play how we do was one of the best experiences ever actually,” says EARTHLESS drummer Mario Rubalcaba. “Adding to it the Mad Alchemy liquid lights and the surroundings made for a very satisfying day/night of jamming. Thankful for Giant Rock Records preserving the night by filming and recording this. I hope people can enjoy the release as much as we did doing it." 

Watch a video trailer below featuring four minutes excerpted of EARTHLESS’ 21-minute-long song ‘Sonic Prayer’ below.


"In October 2020 we filmed and recorded five bands in four days, deep in the deep sand and iconic rocks of the desert,” shares LIVE IN THE MOJAVE DESERT producer RYAN JONES. “It was a major undertaking to bring this many people and this much gear out to a very remote desert location. Including the bands, we had 25 people onsite daily. With only one road in, everyone and all the gear had to come up a half mile long hill of deep sand--30 miles from nowhere. We had to hire local desert guys with huge 4x4 pickups to help. The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show projected on a four-story high, double pyramid of boulders and we had a crack squad of filmmakers, photographers and recording engineers there to capture it all. It was insane, but it was worth it to see our favourite bands play again!"

Stream EARTHLESS' ‘Live In The Mojave Desert’:


Live In The Mojave Desert Tracklist:

  1. Violence Of The Red Sea (16:52)

  2. Sonic Prayer (21:02)

  3. Lost In The Cold Sun (39:09)


Isaiah Mitchell – Guitar & Vocals
Mike Eginton – Bass
Mario Rubalcaba – Drums

2017 - Twinmusix
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