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Devilskin is a four-piece alternative metal band from Hamilton, New Zealand, formed in June 2010. The band consists of Jennie Skulander, Tony 'Nail' Vincent, Paul Martin and Nic Martin. Devilskin's debut album, We Rise was released on 11 July 2014 and peaked at #1 on the Official New Zealand Music Chart, and spent 47 weeks in the chart. It was certified Platinum by Recorded Music NZ in March 2015. The band's sophomore album, Be Like the River, was released on November 11, 2016 and also peake. 

Devilskin are currently writing a new album and touring extensively. We got to speak to Jennie about her up-coming Download shows and more.

TM - You are playing Download what can fans expect from your set?

DS - We will be bringing a lot of energy especially since it's such a short set in Sydney. We are doing a 45 minutes in Sydney and then Melbourne we are doing a half an hour set, it going to be a pretty full on set and we are really excited about it.


TM - What can we expect from your download setlist?

DS - We have two new songs in there, one is a single that's about to be released and we have a video for it. We also have some of our old hits in our set list as well a lot of the songs that we are playing have videos to them so fans can look it up on YouTube.


TM - You have played download UK and Sydney are there any other international festivals that you want to play?

DS - Hellfest would be one I'd like to do.

TM - Hellfest is Awesome you have to go and play, it is a great experience.

TM - You just said you are about to release a new video for a new song can you tell us more about it?

DS - The video was done by our friend Shay, he also did the video for Endo which had a lot of blood in it the last song was in the castle in London this one is more of a futuristic, apocalypse and matrix-style that's all I can say I don't want to give it away it's really cool.


TM - Your song Endo you just mentioned what inspired you to put a country scene in front of that video it was really cool I thought it was really funny?

DS - I was around them practice one day and I just started line dancing Nic said said that's a good idea for a video. We told Shay and shay said maybe we can put that in our video so we dressed up in country gear and did that.

TM - It was a great video, really memorable. I laughed when I saw it.

DS - Yeah, We love that video.

TM - Do you have any rules on the road?

DS - We all have a good attitude and try to remain positive we are all pretty close and get on pretty well.

TM - We saw you play at Slash Myles Kennedy and The Contortionist and yes it was amazing can you tell us any stories from the road?

DS - It was a great too and we spoke to Slash every now and then. We got to see him without the top hat and sunglasses which a lot of people don't get to see. The band was really nice and I wish we were playing longer.

TM - Your last album was released in 2016 do you think you're releasing another album anytime soon?

DS - Yes we are in the studio next month to record a new album we are not too, sure on the release date but from July onwards it should be on at some point this year.

TM - Have you started writing it yet?

DS - Yes we have been writing since the start of last year. We had plans to write the album last year but we went into it with Hailstorm in Europe instead.

TM - That is fantastic, Halestorm are great. That would of been a fun tour.

TM - We rise stayed in the charts between 2014 and 2016 for 95 weeks how was it staying in the charts for so long?

DS - It was great it was really good seeing a band like our staying on the charts for so long the album went number one after the release and gold after two weeks and platman after 8 months which was a really good achievement.

TM - In 2014 you played promotional gigs to get the attention of international record companies and promoters how do you think that helped your career and what advice could you give other people to do the same thing?

DS - If you are looking to get signed just keep putting in the hard work, I am trying to balance a lot of stuff. I am  34, have a 2 year old and constantly on the road and as soon as I get back from touring I'm back into Mum mode but if it's what you want to do just work at it and you'll find ways to work at it and you have lots of achievements you can look back on.


TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

DS - Deftones playing somting in their style

TM - If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

DS - Halestorm because we are good friends with them and me and Lzzy love each other's voices


TM - Could you tell us any tour stories?

DS - Years ago we played whiskey a go go in Hollywood and we went up to see Lemmy from Motorhead and he wasn't there that day but the guys went back later and he still wasn't there but Ron Jeremy the pornstar was there. We got photos with him, we also high fived Tommy Lee from Motley Crue when we supported them.

TM - What's your favourite memory of watching a different band perform live can you tell us a story?

DS - The Mars Volta in 2003 and I was into At The Drive In they had so much good stage presence I have never seen anything like it in my life ever since then they have been one of my favourite bands.

TM - Anything else you want to say to your fans?

DS - Hope to see everyone at Download.


TM - Thank You for this interview today, We really appreciate it.





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