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Frank Sidoris from slash featuring myles kennedy and the conspirators


Twinmusix talk to Frank Sidoris from slash featuring myles kennedy and the conspirators about their new album and more

TM - How is your tour going?

FS -  It is the first leg of the living the dream too and it's going great theturn outs have been awesome and it's a blast playing with these guys again.

 TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

 FS - The thing with
slash is we always have 10 to 12 songs that we're going to interchange in the set list. I don't want to ruin any surprises but weve already played six of the songs that we have off our new album,  so far just on the first leg. There is always some Velvet Revolver additional Guns and Roses and other conspirator songs that we will pull out so every night we try and have at least three different songs that wheel interchange so expect a nice variety of music.


TM - We can't wait to hear it all, we are really excited for your tour.

 FS - You were in Memphis and that you got a tour of the Gibson factory and they gave youa FS330L whats your favorite thing about playing this guitar?

That guitar is a dream that I really can't believe, the way it all worked out the short version is I remember playing it in Ecuador and
i was play a 335 guitar and I was thinking if I ever made my own how I would do it Todd Kerns. I went to the Memphis Gibson Factory and I was talking to one of the guys who had been there for years and years his name is Mike. I asked him if I wanted to make a custom guitar who I would talk to and he said well the guys not here he's in Nashville but if you were going to make it what type of ideas would you have.


I gave him my ideas for a guitar and he gave me this look like give me one second, he will survive and was back with essentially the exact guitar I had just described it was 3 hours old they made the guitar like 99% of what I had envisioned. It was just finish that day and the first one on the line, I started playing it smelled like lacquer and paint I end up leaving and said thanks for showing me the guitar and the factory.  Two hours later that guitar was sent to my hotel he gifted me the first guitar of that line and it wasn't even out yet. It sounds incredible and feels incredible I recorded with it on our album everything about that is just what I wanted the store is just ridiculous right.


TM - That story is Awesome, what are the odds he had the exact guitar you wanted there just waiting. 


TM - On the same trip you did a trip to Graceland Elvis inspired your writing Style?

 FS -Subconsciously Elvis is always there, he is a legend of course. We all go to the spot said some inspiring hang. It is funny you say that because I left
it get some factory to go to gracelands that day and then I came back to the hotel the guitar was there. I don't specifically think about him well I'm writing music but I think everything that he's done some how it influences me when im writing music.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

FS -  I think a 73 or 75 Led Zeppelin playing some about songs but from the new album
i can see them doing Sugar Cane or Aerosmith could play a song crazy life in their style.


TM - That would be Awesome, i love Led Zeppelin. I would love to see what Aerosmith would cover one of your songs like.



TM - How did you come up with your video for Driving Rain?

 FS - Slash is connected to a lot of amazing people there's this show called Robot Chicken that Seth Green created and produced it's essentially stop motion. Slash got in contact with the company and they came up with the story with puppets and that's fun because it's got the humour and silly and the labour of love the way you do it everything is just hand done
im a fan of that show.


TM - I Love that TV show,  it's hilarious.

TM - Who designed your new album cover for Living The Dream?

FS - Ron English and he did the artwork on the World On Fire Album as well. I remember when Slash showed us his new album cover and thought it's cool it's  pretty 70s that Pop Art king of style

TM - You worked with Michael basket on your new album what was it like working with him?

FS - He had worked on World on Fire before I started working with him so the guys had some history with him. I had known him just as friends at the time and he was a guitar player as well and when it was time for me to record with him personally a great time, we were playing
guitar and playing all our favourite riffs together he has a good ear and a wealth of ideas even with pedals and ideas.


It is always a blast it's just such a good time and overall watching him in the pre production process as well you're really finalizing the songs and honing in and he would just hear things and we were done you play a song a million times and don't think the song can go anywhere else and then Elvis comes in and says ok now this is going to happen and then is something that just makes the song pop and go from A to B something that you would never imagine so he really was that fifth Beatle.

TM - If you could choose one of your songs that's a biography title for your band what would it be and why?

FS - Battleground off World on Fire because of all the hectic scheduling with our bands you've got to consider that Myles Kennedy is in Alter Bridge and he has a commitment to stay in that band and now with Slash and Guns and Roses for us to make it work it's a bit of a fight but in the end that's all there.

TM - Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

FS - I am excited and looking forward to hitting each and every one of these areas around the world even though we don't know when we're going to be in certain areas will be there soon enough it will be fun to play this album and see people who
ive seen play all the other albums.


TM - Thank you so much for this Interview today,  we really appreciate it. 












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