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On Friday the 23rd of March, Arch Enemy played at Manning Bar in Sydney at a sold out show as part of their side shows for Download Fest Australia!


As I entered the venue, there was an atmosphere of excitement in the air and the room was practically buzzing with people excited to see Arch Enemy play their 1st ever headlining show in Australia.


As the crowd waited for the main act, they got to witness local Sydney acts POTION and We May Fall play some amazing sets! The crowd were even treated to the lead singer of We May Fall climbing onto the barriers and singing with the crowd. 


Shortly after, the lights in the venue went low and an overture played over the speakers as Arch Enemy walked on stage and slammed into the first song of the night “the world is yours” from their latest album “Will To Power”.

The rest of the show was just as powerful from start to finish. The bands energy never diminished and the crowd replied with the same energy!


As the final note of the song “We Will Rise” rung out through the venue and the band walked off stage, but the crowd wanted more and almost immediately started chanting for an encore so powerfully that the floor was shaking. When Arch Enemy returned to the stage, the screams of the crowd were ear splitting with excitement and they proceeded to play their encore.


It was an honour to see Arch Enemy at their 1st ever headline show in Australia and if the opportunity to see them ever presents itself, it is highly recommended that you see them! It’s a show you won’t forget!

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