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Arch Enemy
Twinmusix Chat With Daniel Erlandsson From Arch Enemy To Chat About Their Australian Tour


What can fans expect from your Australian tour?


It has been a while since we last visited Australia. We have released two albums since then and we have a new line up, so you can expect the new Arch Enemy coming down under.


How does it feel to be asked to play the first Download Festival in Australia?


It will be huge! It will be the first time we play to a crowd that big in Australia.


What equipment do you use on stage?


I play with pro drums, I've been using them for years.


How did you come up with your band name?


Michael thought of our band name and he thought it sounded really cool! You can interpret it in so many ways.


 You have been in the band since the beginning, what's it like watching members come and go?


 It's been interesting, especially the last three or four years. We’ve seen the band go through so many different lineups, we are still doing pretty well for a band that's about 20 years into our career. Some of the recent shows we have been doing and the last few albums we brought out have been our best material so far.


 Before you were in Arch Enemy you were a session drummer, what's it like transitioning between the two?


 I had my own band called Eucharist and the band split up, then I did some session work for a band called In Flames. It was done at a record label where the guy there knew Michael Eamon and that's how he and I met for the first time.


If you could have any band play one of your songs, which band would you pick, which song would it be and in your style or theirs?


 A country version of The World is Yours by someone.


 What's your music writing process for your newest album?


Usually; the guitar player Michael first comes up with ideas on his guitar and normally it's him and myself sitting in a rehearsal room, or sit down with a guitar each and jam our some ideas. For this album we rented out and apartment on the beach in Mexico, the two of us stayed in the apartment for 10 days and demoed and wrote songs together. That was the start of the songs that came out on will power, but along the way the rest of the band members contribute as well.


 Can you tell us any stories about touring with Trivium?


We had to cancel one show because there is a snow storm on the way, that sucks because that was going to be a show in Salt Lake City and it was ment to be sold out.


 In 2016 you reformed with the original members of Arch Enemy and did the Black Earth show in Japan, you played songs from your first three albums. What made you want to reform and tour?


 A couple of years before that we were discussing the idea of doing a 20th anniversary reunion tour. We thought “what would be a cool idea to do?” We thought it would be awesome to do the old material with the old line up. Instead of just inviting old band members up to do songs with the new band it will be cool to do a reunion.


 When Alyssa joined your band did you fell your style of music changed?


 I feel the change that happened when she joined was what she contributes with. Her voice is obviously different from Angeles and her lyrics are also very different otherwise she frees her vocals. On our new album there's a song called ‘Reason to Believe’ and we thought we would have some clean vocals on this song.


 Your video for ‘The World is Yours’ reached over 1 million hits in 2 days on YouTube, how did this make you feel?


When we went to release the last album, the first song we released off it was ‘War Eternal’ and it got a lot of attention because Alyssa was our new singer. I was expecting that this song was going to get less attention. But, it got a lot more than War Eternal did. It shows that the band is growing and there's a lot of people that are interested in the videos.


What is your favorite moment with your fans?


Releasing Will To Power, doing an amazing press tour, and meeting so many amazing fans.


Anything else you want to announce to your fans?


There will be some really cool tour announcements coming out soon.

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