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Twinmusix Talk To Santeri Kallio From Amorphis About Their New Album And More
What can fans expect from your new album?

Something big, we have the biggest songs and more complex arrangements, put it all in like they say in Texas Holdem poker, put it all in and make it as big as possible. It's a pretty fresh sound but we didn't go to extreme, there is a lot of layers to dig into when you listen to the album.

What was it like working with Eluveitie?

It was a pretty tight session, I thought about all the details of the songs beforehand and we thought about what we wanted to do. Jamming along the production was really strict, that's what we like about him, he takes care of all the production and all the specialised details, he is also very good at growling vocals .

Going back to your album Under the Red Cloud  what was it like working with Jens Bogren?

He's a everything included producer so he takes care of the song structure, tempos, small details and arrangements. He really pays a lot of attention to every instrument, he's a really hard working man so it doesn't let us off easy, when the recording starts it's a really hard job, you'll have really long days and have to play 1 riff over and over and over again to get exactly what Jen's wants and if he doesn't know what he wants he has a lot of options. He gets the best out of the band and that's what you want from a good producer.

If you could have any band play one of your song's which band would it be which song and would it be in your cell or their style?

An Irish acoustic band. I can't pick which song or artist though, i would appreciate anyone doing one of our songs.

Which festivals are you playing this year?

Waken Open Air and Hellfest

 Can you tell us a tour story of touring with Night Wish and Arch Enemy?

 We got to know the itinerary guys very well and we did a lot of body building backstage, they are really nice guys. We also did some Club shows with Arch Enemy in between touring with Nightwish, a lot of good times and red wine.

Do you have any plans to come to Australia anytime soon?

Not yet, but once we went and it was a true pleasure to go.
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