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World War Me

Twinmusix chat with Stephen Krypel about their new album that is Self Tilted




What can fans expect from your new self tilted album?


Fans can expect a good album that has a lot of good aspects to it an honest album, a rock album, a catchy album but a very diverse album




How long did it take to write your new album?


The writing took about three and a half to four years. Me and the producer Nick Matthews from get scared had just been working on demos for that long. It was more four and a half years and most of that music ended up being on the album.




You’re on tour all the time what’s your favourite thing about it?


Play live play a show every single night, nothings more rewarding than being on stage for me so to be able to do that every night and make some money however much it is doesn’t need to be much, making money doing that is fun, being able to hang out with the bands. It’s a new relationship, growing that relationship is super awesome, hanging out and getting to know them, party with them and get into a bit of trouble that’s really fun




Do you ever change your lyrics in live set?


Yes I do I add stuff and if I’m feeling some sort of way. Maybe a few curse words or change a few words. Ill change the lyrics when I’m singing to the crowd instead of the same old lyrics. Ill shouts of to the crowd in the lyrics so that’s fun to play around with


How did you come up with your band name?


I was watching the Brad Pitt Movie World War Z; I thought what if I changed the Z to Me. And I thought that would be a cool band name for a while. For the band I was working with I thought it would be very fitting so I thought I’d use that band name. I do the first to last songs World War Me but I never connected the dots that it was the same name, I found out after people started to respond I realised it was it was a Theory Of A Deadman song.


How did you all meet and form your band?


I started working with Nicolas from Dead Scared about four and a half or five years ago. We had been working on a lot of music together. So eventually he said you need a band around you. I was like hell yen hi do. He called one of his friends that tattooed him. It was a guitar player Johnny and asked if he wanted to be a part of this project we were working on and Johnny said yeh. He meet up with me because he was really excited when he heard the downloads. Johnny called some of his friends that’s how it formed




Who writes the music in your band do you all write together or dose one person mainly writes?


I write a lot of the music with nick. After we got the band together there were a handful of songs that they came up with on their own and I just put lyrics to them and changed a few things. But most of the writing process I play my acoustic guitar, do a chord progression, hum a melody that I think is catchy and write words to it so that’s a lot of the writing.




If you could have any band play one of your songs what song would it be? Would it be in your style or theirs? Which band would you choose?


My Chemical Romance isn’t around but I would love to hear them play something of ours, maybe War Zone, put their own spin to it, or mister Misery I would love to hear how they would put a spin to it.




What’s your favourite concert memory?


I’m not sure I kind of black out when I go on stage so I don’t remember a lot, I’ve had a lot of crazy things happen to me on stage. I got a concussion at the end of our set which is usually our last song. At the end of the song I sign this is the War Zone. Then the band goes into a full jam, I ended up falling over so I sang the last two lines in front of the drum set. My drummer started playing on his drums like crazy and kicked his drum, snare drum and symbols down on my head and I got a pretty bad concussion. I don’t even remember it probably not the most memorable.




Do you prefer playing bigger of smaller shows?


I like playing bigger Venus personally because there’s more room on the stage so that’s always nice for me I can move around and not run into anyone and look like an idiot or fall off the stage which I’ve done nervous times. I also like smaller Venus that is packed in really nicely where I can see there is a very good local scene. The kids that come to smaller shows seem to be more excited. There’s more accessibility for the kids to come up to me and talk to me. It feels like more of a family than a big show where people are in line and can’t really talk to me. But I like the personal connection with the smaller show




Do you have any best fan stories?


I like meeting kids that haven’t heard the band before they come up to us after hearing us live. They are super excited. I remember in Utah there was this one twelve kid who had a full button up shirt and a bow tie and a crew cut. He was the coolest kid he didn’t give a fuck about anything he was just happy to be at a show. He said this is my first show ever. He had the biggest shit eating grin on his face and was so happy. He blushed and was talking to us and we gave him a few free drum sticks and singed a bunch of stuff for him. He introduced us to his whole family afterwards which is pretty funny. It was just really cute.


In California we were playing that for Yesterday and I introduced the song and the kid looked really excited. He was even singing along with other stuff we were playing. I thought maybe he knew the words so I brought him on stage. He grabbed the microphone from my bassist and sung the whole song. I let him go because he was super cool and super excited. Then his mum came to me afterwards and said he’s never going to forget this he wants to be in a band. He was just so happy. That’s the most memorable and rewarding for me. Seeing that kid do that and he was so excited.




Who do you look up to most in music?


My Chemical Romance they are my favourite bands, I love the theatrics of Gerard Ways voice, mixed with his stage presence. Just to drive rock and roll with that. I listened to that band so much when I was growing up; it really struck a chord with me. I was a weird kid that didn’t have many friends and didn’t like school. I heard My Chemical Romance and I felt better about myself, I liked that feeling and kept listening to them non stop




What’s your favourite video you have made?


That’s so yesterday because in War Zone I wasn’t able to have fun I mean I had fun doing it but we were a new band and didn’t really know each other, everyone was very professional. We were like we can’t drink, do anything or party, I thought this is weird. So doing that’s so yesterday we were more relaxed and had been through the process. We had a few drinks there were a bunch of people, a bunch of kids having a good of time that we were. That was super fun shearing the experience with a bunch of friends and people we were close to.




Anything else you would like to announce to your fans?


I don’t compare our band to My Chemical Romance what so ever, they are a really big influence they have a really big place in the music industry that can’t be touched or tarnished. We are our own band and have the opportunity to be like My Chemical Romance. And we will keep going till it gets as big as it possibly can.


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