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Joseph Michael Poole is known by his stage name Wednesday 13 is well known for his solo career, and as the front man of ‘Murderdolls’. He also use to play in other bands such as Maniac Spider Trash, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Bourbon Crow, and Gunfire 76. Wednesday 13 released his first album in 2005 called Transylvania 90210 with a bonus track for the Japanese version of the album ‘Thank You Satan’. ‘Fang Bang’ was released in 2006 and each song is inspired by piece of horror fiction.

Other significant albums include - ‘Skeletons’, released in 2008 and was only available exclusively through Hot Topic store locations in the United States and the  UK. ‘Calling All Corpses’ was released in 2011. D.A Frizell who has painted the artwork for Avenged Sevenfold and Sevendust, did the Wednesday 13 artwork for this album which was mastered by Tom Baker  who has worked with Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie and Ministry. The Dixie Dead" was released in 2013. Limited editions of the album were available as pre-orders on Wednesday's official web shop but they had the same track listing but different artwork and were presented in DVD case. ‘Monsters of the Universe’, Come Out and Plague’ was released in 2015 and four songs were written by Wednesday 13 in partnership with Roman and one track was written entirely by Surman. ‘Condolences’ was released in 2017 under Nuclear Blast records.

Last night Wednesday 13 play the Manning Bar with support act from LA Davey suicide. Firstly Davey Suicide came out on stage and wow, did he put on an amazing show with his amazing singing skills, interacting with the audience and making sure everyone felt a part of the show. Then to make the evening perfect, Wednesday 13 came and everyone was really thrilled to move forwards by excitingly running to the front of the stage as soon as they heard the background music starting. Wednesday 13 ran out onto the  stage, he started playing straight away once the band has played the first riff Wednesday 13 said "Sydney Australia take it away" and played the opening song for the night ‘What the Night Brings’.
Then he went straight into the next song ‘Blood Sucker Mother f*****" followed by ‘Scream Baby Scream". The lights turned off during the backing track, then there was silence and after that voices were heard creating an eerie and dramatic. Finally and unexpectedly the lights came back on and Wednesday 13 played ‘Keep Watching the Skies’. Followed by "Blood Sick" and "Cadaverous" amid the crowds’ claps and cheers. The next few songs went off with a bang these were “Serpent Society’, ‘Vincent Price’ and ;’Prey For Me.’ Wednesday 13 said "If you can spell it then you can sing it." and started singing ‘Rambo’ and the crowd sang along in harmony to every word. Wednesday 13 said "Now we are going to take it back old school I think it was about 13 years ago to the Transylvania 90210 album" the crowd cheered with excitement and the band started playing ‘I Want You Dead’
At this stage Wednesday 13 walked off stage and got changed when he came back onto the stage he was s wearing a white jacket and he was holding a white book and whilst playing one of his newer song - ’Condolences". The unexpectedly Wednesday 13 walked off stage again and got changed into an apron with blood and a double sided mask so you couldn’t  tell which side is his real face was on as he played ‘Dixie Dead’ then ‘Gimmie Bloodshed’ and ‘Till Death Do Us Party’. As the show drew to a close the crowd started chanting "One more song one more song" and Wednesday 13 rand like out onto the stage and started playing ‘Calling All Corpses’ and then straight into ‘Zombie’. Followed by the  next song which was ‘I Love to Say Fuck’. Amusingly at this point, Wednesday 13 pulled out an umbrella with a big f u finger on it and he was twirling it around on stage for the entire song. The audience really got into this song and were singing along to every word.

To finish of the night Wednesday 13 played ‘Bad Things’ and all we can say is WOW did he put on an amazing and riveting show full of costume changes along with awesome song choices I would definitely go back and see him again and again.
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