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We the Kings are an American rock band from Bradenton, Florida.  The band was origionally known as “Broken Image” and changed their name to “We the King”. They released there first album in 2007, and there song "Check Yes Juliet", went platinum on the singles chart. This album sold over 250,000 copies in the US alone. There second album “Smile Kid” was released in 2009 and three singles titled "Heaven Can Wait" and "We'll Be a Dream" and "She Takes Me High" hit the top 40.

The third album “Sunshine State of Mind” was released in 2011. The song "Say You Like Me" was featured on the MTV Video Music Awards, and was the winner of the “Most Innovative Music Video of the Year”. In 2013 they released “Somewhere, Somehow” this was the fourth studio album and was there first album with their new bassist Drew Thomsen. They released the single "Just Keep Breathing" in April 2013 which Peaked at number 44 on the Billboard 200.  Strange Love is the fifth album which was released in 2015.

We The Kings played at the Metro on Friday night and put on an Amazing show!. The lights went dim and a voice over started giving the audience directions,  “Take out your phones and film us, as its free promotion” Everyone pulled out their phones and started filming as “We The Kings” came out on stage. Chuck says “Sydney are you ready, I need your help with the words to this song” and opened the set with “Check Yes Juliet”.  Chuck started clapping half way through the song and the crowd joined in, Travis told the crowd to make noise and everyone cheered. Travis told the fans to keep it going and started singing “Hardlines Read” he went straight into the next song “Out” and proceeded into the next song “Whoa” with no breaks in between.

Travis stops after the first four songs and says "I don't want to be judgemental or anything, but this is already the best show of the tour. I mean it you guys are almost too loud, we can't hear ourselves play, that's like the best show ever. When you can't hear yourself because everyone screaming and dancing somehow you’re dancing is louder, when that happens you know it's going to be an amazing night. We Are We the Kings from Florida and Thank You so much for being here with us tonight. This is my favourite song off this record, and proceeds to play “All again for you” and “August is over” then it quickly turns into “The Quiet”.  Travis then told  a story about his first girlfriend then sung Secret Valentine and asks the audience to put hands in air and clap and everyone sang and clapped along to every word, the next song that was played was Don't speak.

Travis asks the audience if its ok if he plays song on keyboard and the crowd cheered, then he walked to the other side of the stage and said “now I'll talk to you, this side of the stage because I feel like I've neglected you and I wanted to share an equal amount of love to everyone.  I'm sure there are a lot of people here that know 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or probably 0 songs. You guys have been absolutely incredible up until now and I can't tell you how much that means to us!, it means so much to us that you guys are here tonight even the left side I love you guys too. I wrote this song about my very first breakup (The Crowd says aww). Then Travis says 'no no no now my wife is so hot' (and the crowd cheered). Then Travis said now I am going to play “don’t speak liar” and everyone screamed with excitement.

Travis stops and talks to the fans again, "This is the last song that was on the record we did 11 songs, to our home town in Florida I don't know if you guys have ever got the chance to go there, I feel like the people are the same and that's why we are so comfortable around you guys, that's why we feel like we are at home and we are so far across the world, I want to dedicate this song to all you guys you have always been so supportive it to us as a band " and plays This is our town.

"We just played every song from this first album I feel like the kid that came to stay over at your house and just left all my s***, you guys are absolutely amazing, Thank You so much, after we play this next song we would love to play more songs for you from other records. I take it that the Applause means you agree, well let's end this first album with absolutely everything you have". As he starts playing “Skyway”  everyone starts jumping and sings along , as he moves into “just keep breathing” the audience put their hand up and sway them from side to side  “cold play’s” song “Fix You”

Travis interacts with the crowd again and says “This is our roadie, we convinced him to tour with of us for the last few years. He is the most attractive number from “We the Kings”. He looks very serious right. we have two request is not like we are a band  that plays karaoke with  people, so this song is dedicated to those people who want to us to play it and to anyone else who likes it.

Travis draws the audience by saying “we want to play for as long as we possibly can, you know what I want to push the boundaries. I challenge that you really have to sing this you have to scream these words, and if you don't know the words it ok I can't see your faces, so if you're just standing there screaming something. I'll be like wow they love this song, so is everyone ready, so my best friend Frankie can you record this real quick.” Then everyone sings, “Say you like me”.

“we want to end this concert with everyone leaving this room and not having a voice” Travis says “we are over our set, but can we play one more song”  as everyone screams and cheers “We The Kings” start playing “Check yes Juliet”.  As everyone in the audience is yelling and screaming every lyric, this was the icing on the cake for a perfect show. If you haven’t seen “We The Kings” yet I recommend going to this show. The way “We the kings” interact with the audience turns it into a spectacular show.


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