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We came as Roman's 


Twinmusix chat with We Came As Romans to talk about their new Album Cold Like War

what can fans expect from your new Album Cold Like War?

We went back to the metal core we came as Roman's sound like we did on our first two records. We also learned a lot about melody from tracing our roots and self titled. I think cold like war is a combination of metal core. It retains the sound of our last few records and we added melody I think it is a pretty balanced record it's catchy it's driving at the same time it's really aggressive.

What’s your favourite song on your new album?

The titled track cold like war or encoder. Encoder is odd ball songs with it love and the way we wrote it was really fun. Kyle came in with this dance song he wrote and he said guys I think we can make this super heavy. We put amps on it and worked on it and it came together really heavy and really different.

Who writes the music on your album?

We are all involved in the writing process the last record everyone started writing. But it was more separated there was groups of writers. Different songs were written by different people at different times. But this album five of us sat in a room writing songs. I think you can hear everyone's individual influences and what they bring to the table.

What inspired you to get into music?

Even since I was a little kid I have always liked performing. Messing around different musical instruments.  My mum played drums in a marching band and when we were growing up she had this old vintage drum kit. My parents also bought me a toy piano. My dad always played guitar. As I got older I formed a band with my friends. We played our middle school talent show next thing I know I was hooked it love the adrenaline that came with it the excitement. Preparing so long and just going up there and having a good one. I knew this is what I wanted to do.

How long did it take you to write your new album?

We started writing it over a year ago and there were some people who really liked the last record. But I feel like some of our fans were disappointed in it. We knew on this record we had to prove ourselves and we had a lot to prove to our fans. We took the entire year off we said we are not going to tour or do anything we are going to focus on making the best record we have ever made. We aren't going to come back until it's perfect. But it was cool because so often we would release records while we were on tour or have them done at certain times. This was cool it was open ended out in LA making this record and then out in Detroit. We took more and more time and I'm glad we did because if we had a deadline it wouldn't come out as it did. We really took our time and focused on it make it something special.

If you could have any band perform one of your songs which band and song would you choose and would it be in your style or there’s?

One time Kyle was working on remixing one of our songs into a dance track. Or an acoustic version of our song.

How did you come up with your band name?

It's funny because everything our band dose has so much meaning behind it. Our artwork, songs and music videos. We were so young when we came up with the band name that we weren't thinking that far into things. Our old vocalist and I was still playing guitar in the band at the time and we had two different singers and they came up with it and thought it was really cool isn't it and we said yen it sounds really cool.

Crazy fan stories?

In the nicest way possible and there has been a couple of fans who have done this there is a kid who comes out to all the shows and he’s a hardcore fan. He went on Face book added all my friends on my hockey team, added my sister my dad and a bunch of my friends. He asked them all why dose Dave hate me is he made at me because I didn't add him on my Facebook. Another time I threw my Towel into the crowd and put my face in it and started screaming.

Do you have any favourite gig memories?

We played rock and park in Germany and the stage was the width of a football field. It was the biggest stage I had ever seen in was so nervous that day I couldn't even eat before the set. The stage was twice the width of the stage and went back feather then I could see. Everyone was going nuts it was the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever felt when performing. Seeing that many people move to your music and be into it.

Do you ever change your lyrics during live set?

Yen Kyle and I are kind of bad sometimes with lyrics. Not usually on purpose. Sometimes I will stumble through a verse and try to think how to recover. I like to add in things here and there.

Any random facts that your fans don’t know about your band?

When we go on tour we bring a road case and it's full of hockey stuff. All day we played street hockey or find an ice rink and play ice hockey.

What’s your favourite song to play live on stage?

Cold like war because it's fresh. The song is written for a live set there's a group chant and can sign along

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