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Venom Inc.

Welcome to Hell is venom Inc. debut  album that was released in December 1981, speed metal, but it had a great influence on  thrash metal style.Black metal was released in 1982's and was a important influence in the development of black metal, thrash metal and death metal.At War with Satan is released in April 1984. The album that tells the story of a war between Heaven and Hell.

Possessed It is the band's last studio album to feature guitarist Jeffrey Dunn before he left the band in 1986. Calm Before the Storm that was released in 1987  was going to be called Deadline, but the title was changed when guitarist Jeffrey "Mantas" Dunn left the band.Prime Evil  was released in  1989 two years later Temples of Ice it was released in 1991.

The Waste Lands was released in 1992. It is the last with bassist/singer Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan and also the last before the reunion of the classic Venom Inc. line-up from their first four albums. cast in Stone was released in 1997 and also their first album in 12 years to feature the original lineup. 

Resurrection is the tenth  released on SPV/Steamhammer in 2000 and was the last Venom Inc. album to feature original member Mantas on guitar.Metal Black  released in 2006  and was the last to feature Mykvs on guitar. Hell was released in 2008 and was the  first Venom album to feature La Rage on guitar and the last to feature Antton on drums, who left Venom in 2009 and was replaced by Danté.

Fallen Angels It was released by Spinefarm/Universal on 28 November 2011. From the Very Depths  was released by Spinefarm on 25 January 2015

Venom Inc. played Sydney on Saturday night, as they walked out on stage they said "Hey how are you doing, We're in mother fucking Sydney Australia" and proceeded to say "We will cute our arms wide open because in metal we bleed" and played "In Metal We Bleed",  after this they plays "Ave Satanas, Welcome to Hell and Metal We Bleed". After these songs the crowd cheered at the top of there lungs.


" you all know why you're here don't you cause your Die Hard" as he makes this quote to the crowd they yell and Venom Inc. start playing "Die Hard".


As Cronos continues to say quotes about his music he says" When we die we will all die like sunken Devils but you could only die like the f****** devil if you f****** live like an Angel" and they prodded to play  "lives like a angel".


" Tomorrow when we go to the church remember those priest with all those lovely white cars, because they're f****** souls are black" Blackened Are the Priest and straight after Carnivorous


As Venom Inc. Started the guitar riffs to "raise the dead" Cronos said "when you go to someone's house traditionally you take them a gift to say thank you well I'm in your f****** house, well I bought you a special gift. I haven't wrapped it because I announced haven't had much time this song is called buired alive "  


" now your job in  f****** car park at work or at home, every f****** country on this planet there seems to be some type of conflict, because Of ****** humans we just can't seem to get on this song is just about that thing this is from our new album War" this song is called warhead.

" be nice to eachother unless someone f**** you off then f*** their ass,  now this song with no offence to any female companions, this song is for the boys, it's a piece of advice that I personally have learnt throughout the years, we know the f****** beautiful and know they are  f****** smart and if you go around them the f*** you right up" and the crowd threw their metal horns up in the air and rocked out to poison.


Cronos ends up making a speech his fans, he ends up thanking everyone in the audience for being their and says "I give you to you my brother mantis, alright my friends how are we doing so far Sydney?. It's been a long time getting here, but we eventually made it, so thank you for coming out. You guys out their, our metal brothers and sisters that are here tonight, you are the most important part of what we call the music industry. 


It is not the bands, venues the record Industries the promoters the magazines because without you guys we are nothing and we don't exist. so you have my ultimate respect, thank you for supporting our music".  As the crowd hears Cronos speech, they cheer and are super excited to be part of such a great event. 


At the end of the speech the stage goes black and crowd starts chanting  "Venom" as they come back on stage theu play "Black Metal, Countess Bathory and sons of Satan." Then Cronos asked if everyone wants to hear one more song, as the crowd cheers, Venom Inc. Starts to play "witching hour". The crowd were headbanging to evey song and you knew they were having a great time!.

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