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Last night Ugly Kid Joe played in Sydney with support act Dallas. This was the first stop on the Australian leg of their 'Americas Least Wanted' tour released in 1992, it went Double Platium and sold over 2 million copies. They hadn’t  played most of these songs in 25 years . Ugly kid joe have played with bands such as Black Sabbath, Bon Jovi and Van Halen.

 When I walked into the venue, the room was half empty but was soon to be packed with fans axiously waiting for Ugly Kid Joe to come on stage.  When Ugly Kid Joe came on stage the crowd went wild! Ugly Kid joe opened up with the song 'Neighbor' then played 'Madman' 'Jesus’, ‘Cust’, ‘Panhandlin’ and sang ‘Come tomorrow’. Whitfield introduced Dave to the audiance and played a song that he (Dave) wrote called ‘No One Survives’. Then he introduced the song ‘So Damn Cool’ and asked the crowd to jump along,  fans were singing the chorus to the song with incredible
Whit then introduced Nichol and Jerry, who's first date was at an Ugly Kid Joe and asked them if they play ‘Cats In The Cradle’ to their children? Then Whit started playing the song and sang directly to them.

After this song  Ugly Kid Joe played ‘ I’m Alright’ and the audience were  jumping along to the song, when Milkmans son started playing; the audience started clapping along and dancing.
Small Heading
Whit then introduced Rachel and Dallas stone who played the first set and pointed them out in the audience and told everyone how amazing they were. Then got his guitar tech called Soldier to play a guitar solo and then asked him to shred and got the audience to chant out “Soldier” and the audience applauded and then asked someone in the audience their name and said give it up for Dave.

Whit said thank you to the sound guys and then said don't be afraid to put some reverb and delay in the music and then played ‘I Forgot The Devil’. The crowd was singing the chorus and pointing at ugly kid Joe. 

Small Heading
he next song was ‘Mr Record Man’ which Klaus played on guitar and sung and Whit went off stage. The crowd knew the song and started clapping along as soon as the song started.

Then they announced that; the louder the crowd cheered would determine how many more songs they would play, which was out of 1, 2 or 3 and the audience cheered loud enough for two songs which were ‘Sweet Leaf’ and an Ozzy Ozborne cover relased in 1982.

Band played I hate everything about you gave a fan in the most pit the michropne to sing the chorus of the song. Then got the audience to sing the Last verse of the song and then walked off stage.
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